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Chore Chart

Days highlighted in blue are the days the chores are to be done.  Chores she does multiple times a day have split cells so she can check off each time she does it that day.  *Laminating means you can use a dry erase marker.
Sometimes you have to be VERY specific.  "Getting Ready" won't work for my 9-year old.  You have to remind her that EVERY day, at least TWICE a day she has to brush her teeth. <sigh>  


Summer Schedule 

Breakfast:  7:30 (Milk)
Morning Snack:  10:30 (Water/Fruit)
Lunch:  12:30 (Water)
Afternoon Snack:  3:30 (Water/Yogurt)
Dinner:  6:30 (Juice)

Outside Play:  All Day! 
(7:30 – 12:00 if it hits 100)
  Reading:  One Hour a Day
Crafts:  Twice a Week
Library:  Once a Week
Play-Dates:  Twice a Month


Moore Organized
Simplifying Your Life

Christine C. Moore – Professional Organizer

Daily Maintenance:  Should only take 15-minutes
1.        Make beds
2.        Wipe down bathroom counters, sinks & toilets
3.        Wipe down kitchen counters & sink
4.        Put away any items such as shoes, bags, toys, newspapers…etc.
5.        Sort mail & update checkbook

Weekly Maintenance:  You can split this up during the week
1.        Vacuum
2.        Sweep & mop
3.        Dust
4.        Clean mirrors
5.        Wash bedding
6.        Take out trash

 Cleaning:  One area per week
*This is deep cleaning- cobwebs in corners, cleaning windows & window seals, baseboards, dusting under everything, light fixtures & ceiling fans.  This is also the time to prune & fertilize plants.  Think Top to Bottom!
1.        Porch, Patio & Entryway
2.        Dining area
3.        Living/ Family room
4.        Kitchen
5.        Bathrooms
6.       Bedrooms (turn mattress)


Spring is in the Air at

By Camille Kovsky / Head Mom
It is March in Abilene, which means that SPRING is in the air! If you are like me, you have been waiting for spring since the first of February. Warmer weather, greener grass, and baseball season are the first things that come to my mind. Another thing that comes to mind is spring cleaning. I know, it doesn’t sound very appealing, but you are in LUCK! We at have some tips for you to make this task a little easier!

One of our very own Abilene Moms, Christine Moore, is a professional organizer. She has come up with some great spring cleaning tips to spruce up your house and get you in the mood for spring.

Christine says, “Don’t think of spring cleaning as a chore, think of it as a time to renew yourself, by refreshing your home. So get on some comfortable clothing, open up the windows and turn up your favorite music.”

First set up an area to sort through your things. Decide what you will keep, toss, sell or donate. My rule of thumb, items you keep need to have a purpose and a place. Things you toss should be broken or missing items. Things you sell should be worth the time it will take to sell them, and if not-donate! Remember that your time is more valuable then your things.

• Start in the kitchen, clean off the counter tops, take a few minutes to straighten the cabinets and drawers and de-clutter. Wash all the surfaces of your appliances, inside and out. Don’t forget the drip pan and water filters.

• The bathrooms, same things, counter tops, cabinets and drawers. This is the time to toss out expired medications and do inventory. Remember with spring comes more bumps and bruises, keep the band-aids and antiseptic handy.

• The bedrooms, time to store winter clothes and pull off the electric blankets and flannel sheets. Remember to take the time to sort the drawers and spot check spring/summer clothing. Chances are the kids have outgrown most of them. (Don’t forget to flip the mattresses.)

• Living areas and playrooms, time to tackle the toys and papers. First, sort your paperwork and find a home for them. This includes mail, magazines, receipts, etc. Toys, same rule of thumb, keep, toss, sell, or donate.

• Porches and patios, make sure to sweep the porches and dust off the cobwebs and leaves. Change out those old welcome mats and door wreaths. Make the first impressions warm and inviting.

When spring-cleaning, don’t forget that beyond the basic cleaning you need to take the time to reverse ceiling fans, replace the air conditioning filters, check the batteries in fire alarms, replace burnt out bulbs and wash the curtains and anything else that will fit in the washing machine. Make your machines do as much of the work as possible.

Now sit back and start planning all those spring activities!

Thank you Christine Moore for some great spring cleaning tips! Stay tuned to the April issue of Abilene Families for more tips from Christine. We will be focusing on Tackling Toys. If you are interested in Christine’s Home Organization services, you can contact her at

Tackling Toys (4/21/2006)

At first I wasn't sure what I'd focus on until I looked at my calendar and saw that I have 3 birthday parties this week. So my thoughts, and prayers, went out to all the mommies and all the toys they'll have to find storage for. What a dilemma! But here are a few helpful hints for those mommies who don’t want to find more storage and would like to keep things manageable.
First of all, kids don’t need a hundred toys. 10 favorites and few accessories are fine, but a room full is too much. Second of all, kids do not need duplicates or similar toys. Yes, 10 My Little Ponies are okay and a collection of Hot Wheels are fine, but 3 tricycles, or 6 sand buckets are not necessary. Thirdly, tossing toys in the trash is not a sin and Goodwill is a tax write off… so why not do it?

Here are some simple rules to live and organized by:
  1. If it’s broken… toss it!
  2. If it has multiple parts but your child only uses a few… toss the excess!
  3. If it’s a part of a set and the set is missing… toss it! (This includes puzzles.)
  4. If you have a duplicate item or very similar item… Goodwill, gift or toss it!
  5. If it’s not been played with in over 6 months… Goodwill, gift or toss it!

So where to start? Here are a few hints. Go through your child’s toys about every 3 months. Using the rules above clean out their toy boxes and closets. At first it'll seem hard for some moms especially when it looks like their kids have no toys, but stay strong. By doing this your child will find toys they forgot about and you can then stay on top of their collection so that it doesn't spill out into the rest of the house.
I realize some kids will not be too pleased, so try to do it when they’re not around. And don’t be too eager. If you know your child loves something then put it aside, but if it’s at the bottom of the toy box or shoved under the bed, you’re probably safe to get rid of it. If your children are real young and you start now eventually they’ll start to help. My daughter will break a toy and toss it before I know it’s messed up. I’ve actually pulled toys from the trash to repair them and then smacked myself for trying.
For those whose children aren’t receptive to this new idea remind them that this will make cleaning their rooms easier. (This usually doesn’t work, but it’s a start.) Next try making it a game. Set up boxes in the room. Label them Goodwill, Gift, Trash and Keep. Let your child toss the toys in the boxes and make a game of it. And if that doesn’t work do the good ole standby… bribery! For every toy or half dozen toys they get rid of, depending on the size of the collection, you’ll give them a coupon. Be it out to eat or a day at the park. You know your child best so do what works for them.
For those with December babies, like myself, remember to put some toys aside for the summer. My daughter’s birthday falls the same week as Christmas so I have load of toys and a limited amount of space. And let’s face it a child can get overwhelmed with Christmas gifts, think about a birthday too. My way of dealing is I let her open all the gifts and then when it comes time to put them away in her room I set 1/3 aside for later, mainly gifts that might be a little too advanced or similar items such as dolls. When summer rolls around I pull out a few new toys and it’s like Christmas all over again.

Christine C. Moore
Moore Organized


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