Friday, September 22, 2017

Be Weird

I was labeled as hyper active in the early 80's. I wasn't allowed sugar and told to play more to calm me down.
Candy was such a treat that I can still remember the few times I was allowed to have it.
I also remember the teacher who saw my constant movement as a sign of an active mind and not a problem to be fixed.
She worked with me and instead of holding me back, she pushed me harder.

I see a lot of those behaviors, that are now deemed disorders, with my kids. And all I can think is, "Look at that. My kids are acting like kids."
And though sometimes the animal noises, fighting and resistance to chores are annoying  they aren't worth sedating. But who they are is worth celebrating.

I've a kid who should be studying more, but chooses to draw for HOURS. And yes, sometimes it's creepy stuff, but my word she can make hollow eye sockets look cool. So I encourage her.
My son, he needs a task and sometimes I prescribe the trampoline. "Dude, go jump and get the energy out." And he does. When he walks back in the house he takes a deep breath, "Okay mom, I feel better." And back to playing he goes.
And the littlest, she's headed towards a life in theater. She requires your full attention. And it's not forever, but a few minutes of eye to eye, and she's set for hours.

This morning I talked to my oldest and we discussed her sudden need to isolate herself. We talked about expectations of others and how it can hold you back. And then we talked about breaking those chains and leaving the things that hold us back.

"I know from personal experience what it's like to have adults tell you to stop doing what you love. And what it's like to have peers call you weird and obnoxious. And I also know that those same people are still miserable humans... and I'm not. So be weird. And know that the moment you conform I'll ground you until you remember who you are."

7/13/2016 (FB post)

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