Saturday, May 28, 2016

Garden Cruise... WHAT!?!

It's been so long since I've written that I've neglected to mention I'm a Texas Master Gardener.
Yep, I can now request others to call me Master.
Ha! As if that's going to happen.
But hey, there's perks. Like conferences on cruise ships.
Gardening on the ocean?
Yep, I'll be attending 8 hours of continuing education while heading to Cozumel.
Sweet deal!
I even convinced the husband to go.
I know, arm twisting was tough. ;)
He's interested in a few of the classes too, like Beverages from the Garden and the Wine and Viticulture classes. 

If you've been reading this dusty old blog, then you might remember I did a whole 30 that turned to 90 days of clean eating. 
In the process I lost 35lbs.
That was nearly 2-years ago. 

WOW! Time flies when you're old.

Anyway, in those 2 years since I've allowed some things to creep back in to my diet. Namely sugar and bread. Granted, not like before, but it's still there. And because of it, I've put 15lbs back on. 
I try to stay positive, because HEY, at least I've kept 20lbs off... right? 
Yep, BUT I still had so far to go. 

Okay, enough of that. 

Gardening + Cruise = Weight Loss
Y'all can see how that all goes hand in hand now, right? Of course you do!

So the countdown has been made, spreadsheets started and Pinterest boards are filling up. 
You don't work 12-years in research and not pick up a few habits.

So once the deposit was made, passports were sorted and the list of excursions and on board packages were researched and logged I started to look at the countdown chart and realized;

"OMG I have to wear a frakin' bathing suit. WTH did I just sign up for?!"

After the initial shock, cold sweats and hyperventilation was done, I started mathing. ;)

I've 334 days, 47.5 weeks and I'd like to weigh what my License to Carry has me listed as. 
Um, yeah, it's not been updated since I first qualified.

That was 21 years ago, a 12-year sedentary office job, 4 moves, and 3 kids ago.
Talk about denial! 

So I'm writing it down. 
I'm blogging again.
I'm watching EVERYTHING that I eat.
And I plan on working out

No! Really, I am. I even did a quick workout today even though I'm fighting the last bit of school cooties the kids brought home.

Oh and that, it's officially Summer Break for the kids. I'm not really sure it that's going to make this process easier or harder, I guess that really just depends on me.
Gah, adulting sucks!

So, my plan for this blog?
Mostly to track my progress.
What else? Not really sure yet.
I'll just play it by ear. 

I've already done the food photo blogs.
Did the recipe thing.
And made motivational tools.

I know I'll be updating the food and work out boards on Pinterest.
With the PC now in my bedroom and the kids taking over the house, it's easier to work out in here and lock the door. Because seriously, yoga and kids... NO! 

AND... weights. It's time. Sure, I still have permanent joint damage thanks to sports and unsupervised weight lifting. But whatever. I'm not bitter. ;)

I should maybe add one of those widget for weight loss. Surely they're all over the place. I already have the cruise countdown. What's one more thing in the sidebar?

So this is officially day 1. 
I've 333 to go. 
To my friends, please don't make cookies for the next 47.5 weeks!  

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