Sunday, August 16, 2015

The random stuff I write and forget about till I've no idea where I was going.

I could see it, a random piece of dental floss discarded on the carpet like fairy kite string. How on earth did it make it's way into the waiting room? Perhaps last night I didn't get it all the way into the trash bin and the cleaning crew didn't see it fall out. Or maybe the waxy coating stuck to their shoes and they had already vacuumed. Of course that would be terrible if it stuck in their vacuum and they had to cut it out later when the belt started to burn up. 
Why on earth was I staring at it when I could so easily pick it up and properly discard it.
Then I saw the highly polished leather shoes just a yard away. I followed them up to the designer trousers, matching leather belt, silk shirt or mayhap linen? I couldn't be certain without touching, but that could be terribly awkward, just touching a persons shirt. Heck, I hadn't even seen his face. Or perhaps it was a she. Doubtful since I was certain the trousers were packing, but to be safe I ventured further up. Hmm, were those pecks of breast?
Perhaps I stayed focused there too long, contemplating if I was seeing B cups or a well developed man, but the body cleared it's throat. Shit! I did it again.  My eyes flew to what would be a male face. A very handsome face that happen to be smiling at me.
I had no idea how to recover so I said the first thing that came to mine.
"Fairies have apparently lost their kite."
I expect everyone to get my humor, but have learned after decades of disappointment that few do. The rare few that get are my best friends, the rest pity laugh and we've established a 'you don't get to drink coffee on my couch or suggest movies to me because you lack taste'. At least that's how I label them. I'm fairly certain they label me as simply weird. And that's okay. I understand weird.
The handsome man with the well defined pecks followed my line of sight and saw the floss, he chuckled. He actually chuckled. For real too. Not the pity laugh I'm accustomed to.
I put my hand out, "Hello, I'm Elizabeth. I'm guessing you're my 1:00? Bradley is it?"
He didn't hesitate in taking my hand, so I give him more points for that.
"I am, but...