Monday, July 13, 2015

Rusty Wagon to Rusty Shelf

Per Instagram, it's been 11-weeks since I did this project. So yep, I'm a little behind.

This beauty was rusting in our backyard for about 8-years. I had thought about turning it into a planter, but knew that would just speed up the rusting process and I was fond of this guy. Maybe fond is pushing it, but for heavens sack it's a red wagon. The first one my kids played with and one of my favorite photos of them includes it. So... maybe I have a few hoarder tendencies. Whatever! 
It's no longer holding up my compost wall. Now it's holding a bunch of garden odds and ends. So there! ;)

THE rusty wagon minus the deflated over-sized tires and one of the sidewalls.

Old pickets a friend dropped off ages ago that I use whenever I need weathered wood. I just did a quick measure of the inside of the wagon and cut the wood to fit.

I cut the boards as long as I could so I could use the sides of the wagon to keep them in place.

Metal screws with nuts held the shelves in place.

I used heavy duty screws to hold it up using the holes left by the axles. Since this is an exterior wall molly bolts weren't needed. It's SOLID!

Old pockets are stapled to the sides to hold tools.
Jute is tied between the side walls, knotted and stapled so that herbs can dry and to hold items on the shelves.

This photo is from today... 11-weeks later. A few months up and it's still one of my favorite pieces.

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