Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No Sew Up-cycled Apron

I have a small pile of old clothes building on my craft desk.
I couldn't donate them because they had holes.
But I HAD to do something before I went nuts.
So today I pulled out my fancy "you touch you die" scissors and went to town.

First Project
 Up-cycled Apron

Got a pair of old jeans?
Need an apron you don't mind dirtying up?
Cause come on, the one we bought off Etsy is too stinkin' cute to actually do work in.
... or is that just me?  
Anyway, here you go.  A way to reuse those old jeans.

Cut straightt across, about 1 to 2" below the back pockets. 
To make the belt, cut just below the waistline and then down the sides of the legs.
That's basically it! The button/snap works as your closure. 
... and if the jeans are a bit small, just add ribbon and extend it.

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