Monday, March 9, 2015

Coffee Filter Cherry Blossom Tutorial

I needed a super cheap table decoration that would represent Japan and give height to our display.
So I went to Pinterest for some ideas.  
I knew I had some coffee filters that were too small for our machine.
I have lots of funky tree limbs I could trim and a plethara of vases.
...and sand and glass rocks.  

Hello, my name's Christine and I'm a craft hoarder.

My first attempt at a cherry blossom involved paint...
it's too embarrassing to post.  
So I found another pin.
This one suggested food color and 24-hours.

Um... no.  I had 12 tops.

Another showed how to cut them to shape but used fancy wires and glue and expensive beads and what the heck?  I need CHEAP!  Free preferable.  

So I just made it up as I went.   

What you'll need:
Coffee filters
Food color
Bowl with warm water
Twist ties or pipe cleaners
Something sharp to poke holes

Red food color, I could tell you 15 to 20 drops but does anyone really count them?

Submerge them, I left them in for less than a minute. 
Squeeze the excess out.

I wasn't going to wait 24-hours to dry. 
Just lay them out one by one.

It took like 15 to 20-minutes to dry.  For real. 

Ain't they purty?!

Now get to folding.  Half, half and half again.

Cut it like a heart.  Not the half heart but a full heart. 
Totally makes sense right?

Doesn't matter if the shape is funky.  At least not to me.  I like funky.

  The idea is to pre-punch 2 holes in the center so they don't rip when pushing the twist ties through. 
Yes, in the jewelry business we sometimes use dental tools.  ;)

I pull 1/4 of the twist tie threw one side and use it to twist the center of the filter/flower tight.

When you open it up it's all smushy in the center. 
Us the extra twist tie to attach to a branch, twinkle lights, just about anything.  Have fun! 

The branch I cut was a good 6' long so finding a wall space blank that large.. not easy for me. 
But you get the general idea. 

Still can't get it all in one photo.  :)

A few extras on the bathroom lights. 

If you are doing this for the house and not just a quick display.  Try using red marker on the wet edges of the filters to make darker tips.
You can also leave the filters in longer or add more food color to darken some.
Cherry blossoms come in varies shades so have fun.
You can't mess them up.  Pinky swear! 

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