Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get back to work America!

When I worked in my 6X6X6 cubical,
(No, the numbers were never lost on me.)
I had so many rubber-bands coming in with paperwork that I began making rubber-band balls.
Just knot a few of them together and then start wrapping others around the core.
In no time I had the solar system displayed on my desk, the sun as big as a basketball.
I began making them for coworkers. It was better than stress balls and you could bounce them, thereby ticking the departments off downstairs. Win win.
So you can imagine how upset I was to see premade rubber-band balls.
Come on America. Let's get back to the basics and start making stuff again.

So as promised, a picture tutorial on making a rubber-band ball...

2oz bag of rubber-bands, $1.00

Less than 15-minutes.

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