Thursday, September 11, 2014

Whole 30ish Menu

Yes you read that right, I'm still eating whole30ish.  ;)
What does the 'ish' mean?
Well I still don't eat grain, or beans, I try to avoid extra sugar and dairy, but I have brought back my half and half for my morning coffee.  The world looks a little better when I have my coffee. 
And yes, I tried every form of coconut and almond milk and a dozen recipes for homemade faux creams.  No... just no.  I have my limits.  ;)

I still eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, but this day I added purple potatoes from our garden.
Some morning, eggs with chorizo (look for no added sugar or nitrites just like the bacon).
Lunch is usually a salad, but with LOTS of stuff. 

Fruit and nuts with meat from the night before.

Chicken is a favorite for lunch.  Cold or hot.

Strawberries and green olives made a lot of people question our taste-buds, but we actually enjoy the salty sweet combo.

One of my favorite snacks is bananas dipped in almond butter. 

...and fruit salad.  But earlier in the day.  The natural sugars will sit if you eat late at night.  Trust me, we did that for a week and didn't lose a pound.  ARGH!
This was an interesting dinner.  The husband made homemade salsa, and an egg/avocado omelet with a side of cauliflower 'stuffing'.  Doesn't look all that pretty, but was delicious. 

Beef stir fry, instead of soy sauce and traditional rice, we used balsamic vinegar and cauliflower. 

Chicken stir fry...

If you've not made spaghetti squash, do it!  Just cut open, clean out the seeds, drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper, bake at 350 for about an hour, then scrape the insides out with a fork and you'll have what looks like noodles.  It has a bit of crunch, the kids love it!

Many of our meals are simple, the same stuff we ate before the whole30.  Meat, and two veggies.  This time it was okra and asparagus.  (Sad, sad asparagus.)  ;)

We've had a lot of people ask about the cauliflower rice.  I'll do a separate blog on that since there are numerous ways to spice it up and change the taste. 

* We're on week 17 now and I've lost 35lbs, the husband 30lbs.  We splurge, we don't exercise (hoping to change that) and we don't worry too much.  I will go a month and not lose a pound, then one week 5.  So I just keep moving forward because I have more energy, my clothes keep getting looser and my joints feel 100% better. 

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