Friday, September 12, 2014

Tiki Bar Tutorial

Pallet Tiki Bar Picture Tutorial

First thing you should know, pallets are cheap or free because of this.  (Someone had major frustration issues that day.) 

We started with 2 similar pallets, both in height and width.  (Yes, they come in a variety of both.)

On the first one we left the front boards alone.  Removed just the center boards on back.  And kept the end ones intact. 

The second pallet, we removed all the boards expect the 4 end ones.

We then stood the two pallets up and began attaching them to one another.

Because pallets are made of cheap and usually defective wood, they didn't line up perfect so we had to clamp before screwing them together.  We then added scrap 2X4s that we cut to size as additional support. 

We used 2 of the pallet boards, that we had removed earlier, as shelves.  Rather, to fill in where the two pallets have the forklift joints.  (I've no clue if that's what those are called, but it's what I'm calling them.) 

You can use an additional board on top.  A few years back though, I tore out a faux fireplace in our living room.  I salvaged the slate tiles and finally found a use for them. 

With a bit of gorilla glue and a few hours of dry time, the top was done.

I had a few towel bars from my recent bathroom remodel that I didn't' have the heart to trash, so I reused them on this piece. The grass skirts are from the twin's birthday party.  They help hide the shelves. 

To keep the bar from shifting I used velcro.   

Now we have a place to hang towels, keep flip flops, store sunscreen and goggles, and more importantly, hold our drinks.  ;)  Total cost $0! 

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