Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Repairing and DIYing

August is when we spend a lot of time entertaining.  Which is pretty silly considering it's the hottest part of summer here in west Texas.  But the end of a season means squeezing in as much as we can before the start of another.  So with friends and family coming over I decided to make a quick repair to an old card table and add some shade to our back patio.

Project Card Table:

This 20-year old card table has seen a lot of parties, crafts and garage sales.  Because of it, the vinyl cover has some pretty serious worn spots on it, notable along the edges.  I normally toss a tablecloth over it, but with our unnaturally strong winds we always have to tie or weigh the cloth down.  I’d had my fill of that and decided it was time to recover it. 

 ... project continued on Joy Comes in the Morning.

Project Patio Shade:

My next project I needed some extra shade for our back patio and more privacy as the live borders started to die back.  I've seen some beautiful outdoor curtains but couldn't afford them.  When I stumbled across some inexpensive material, I had an idea.  

... also continued on Joy Comes in the Morning.  

* Correction:  
I posted I bought 9'X12' canvas (I found that size for $19 at Walmart.)  What I bought were 6'X9' for $8 at Big Lots. 

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