Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just Add Water

My Norwex party is closing soon.  If you wanted to place an order, now is the time.  As soon as you place it it'll ship, no waiting till the party closes.

What I recommend:
1. Enviro Cloth
2. Window Cloth
3. Dust Mitt

The 'red' (pink really) are the Enviro and Window Clothes.  The Dust Mitt you can figure out.  ;)

I can clean my whole house with those 3.  No cleaners, just add water.

If you can't afford all 3, get the Enviro Cloth.  Once you've used it for awhile, you'll want more.  Trust me, I've used microfiber before, love it, but I still had to deal with water spots which meant pulling out a window cleaner with alcohol to get rid of them.

It's not an issue with the Norwex microfiber cloths.  I just wet them, wipe and let air dry.  No spots.  The kitchen table, counters, sink, stainless steel appliances (all of mine sadly) and no streaks.

Paired with the Window Cloth I can wipe down windows that the kids like to smush their faces on and the bathroom mirror they torture me with by spitting toothpaste on every.chance.they.get.   <sigh>

The paste is pretty amazing too, especially for how little you use. 

Check out their website and let me know if you have any questions.  I've been using the products for about 6-months now and LOVE them.  No more chemical cleaners for me!  Link good till 9/30/2014

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  1. I will second your review. I was intimidated by the price at first, but such amazing products. Because it is chemical free and EASY, I've been able to give my 5 year old more cleaning responsibilities. He loves getting to "wash" the glass patio door that is covered in paw prints.


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