Friday, August 29, 2014

Organizing Ideas for a New School Year

This is the year that all my kids are in school.  <insert Snoopy dance>
Week one has been more successful than I had anticipated.  Yes the two kindergarteners have already had a warning sent home, but I've not forgotten that these are my kids.  I was in trouble most of elementary until I learned to control myself.  I was a fast worker and an avid socializer.  Seems my little ones are more like me than I initially thought.  ;)
So with a week under our belts I thought I'd give our fun windows a makeover.  Nothing major, just a few clothespins and a $1 piece of contact paper. 

The windows on the outside are for the Kindergarteners.  Each window has 5 clothespins with the days of the week written on them.  Each day they pull out their work from their folders and hang them.  This is their opportunity to show off what they drew and what they learned.  In the middle I have a little dry erase sheet to put encouraging words.  The pockets house flashcards, dry erase markers and an erasure.  The oldest... she still owns the fridge doors.  ;)

When we sit down to dinner the twins can point to their window and talk about what they learned that day. 

I hot glued clothes pins on each window with the days of the week written on them. 

$1 for a sheet of contact paper that works as a dry erase surface.  You can write directly on the glass, but it's very hard to see.

My next project was super simple and can be done with stuff you probably already have around the house.  I had this small basket, it was big enough to fit two Kindles and an iPod.  With a box of cute clips (6 for $1) I ran the chords through them so they wouldn't tangle.  On the side I hung an old jean pocket I cut out of jeans I no longer wore and used it to store earbuds.  
Now the kids have one place to charge all their electronics and store them at night.  After school they know exactly where to find them and no one is fighting over the others charger.  
(Yes... it happened often.)  ;)


I let the kids pick their clip colors... y'all know that's super important. 
As you can see from my board above, I <3 old jean pockets.  :)

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