Thursday, July 17, 2014

Topsy-Turvy Wind Chimes

My friend, the one that watches the twins while I lead a Girl Scout troop, she gave the kids some Topsy-Turvy planters.  Y'all know the tomato and strawberry nylon hanging baskets with random holes on the side for plants?  Supposedly you can grow fruit and veggies.  And I have seen them in person actually growing stuff.  And for a brief moment mine worked. 

And when I say brief I mean the time it took them to go from beautiful in the store containers to dead in a week.  Needless to say I hate Topsy-Turvy planters and I will do whatever I can to bring them down.

Okay I'm just kidding.  That would take some serious work and I'm not up to it.  And I’ve no doubt some person out there has mastered the art of aerial gardening.  But that person isn’t me and I’ve no desire to make that a goal.  But I do have a lot of junk and no place to put it, so why not use the now defunct baskets to display my junk.  

So here's an easy photo tutorial.  No words really needed.  Just cut and hang really.  So I guess I didn't need to blog about it.  But seeing as it's been a month since my last one and I like to say I blog... well hush it.  This is my page.  ;)

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The first one I made I used jute to tie the junk on.  Pretty simple.

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  1. I like this style of wind chime a lot. It looks really cool! My wife really likes this type of unique decor too. You did an excellent job on the instructions too. They seem really easy to follow and not too complicated. I'll have to try making them to see if my wife likes this type of wind chimes. If so, we'll have to get more.


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