Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First 10 of Whole30

So it's been 10 days 'officially' that I've been doing the Whole30 thing. 
If you've not heard of it, in a nutshell you cut out a bunch of stuff for 30 days to readjust your eating habits, your taste buds and to see if one or all of those foods are causing issues with bloating, allergies etc.
So good-bye dairy, grains, beans and sugar.  Hello meat, fruit and veggies... and water.  Lots and lots of it.  But don't worry about measuring or counting calories or thinking you'll starve.  Cause you won't.  You will jones for that afternoon Coke or maybe that all too often after dinner dessert.  (My kids are convinced every meal should be followed by something sweet... that's got to be kicked!)
But you can push past it.  If for nothing else then to see why you suddenly started sporting a belly or you feel your stomach turn to knots after a certain meal.  No more excuses... you'll figure it out. 

So what I did was pretty simple, I printed out the shopping list.
I went shopping.
I made sure that I could do it by cooking up a few whole30 approved meals and realized I wasn't starving without bread as a side dish.  I didn't freak when I had to replace coke with water.  With summer coming it was a pretty easy transitioning because honestly cokes just make me feel ill after I've been out in the sun. 

So I tested it from the 14 through the 17 and started whole heartly on the 18th with the husband and a group of friends.  (Just those 4 days and I lost over 4lbs!)  Today has been 14 days, 10 fully committed, and I've lost 10! 

So you can see how easy it is, this is my first 10 days of food.  You'll notice I forgot a photo or two.  I didn't use the same format to post photos and I did it all to also help with the OCD I have with EVERYTHING.  I'm embracing this 'let it go' thing.  But not the song.  Dear lawd please make that song stop! 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
 Day 4 B: Eggs & Fruit  L: Salad w/ homemade dressing  D: No shell taco salad... LOTS of water.
Day 4

Day 5 B: Omelet  L: Almond butter and celery (was busy setting up last minute stuff for a Girl Scout Lock-In)  D: Fruit and Veggies
NSV:  I didn't touch the 5 pizzas we ordered and managed to make 24 S'mores and not once licked my fingers.  I know AMAZING!!! 
Day 5

Day 6

Day 7: B: Banana  L: Lettuce wrapped burgers w/ onions, avocados, tomatoes & a fruit salad w/ kiwi, blueberry, raspberry, banana, strawberry, grapes, apples & oranges. 
Made it easier to watch my family eat strawberry shortcakes.
Dinner I did take a photo of: Grilled chicken, green beans w/ almonds & tomatoes... that Mercy promptly stole off my plate.  ;)

Day 7

 Day 8 B: Omelets, strawberries & banana  L: Chicken salad  D: Bison burgers w/ sweet potato fries.  On the right is my homemade creamer, dressing & ketchup.  I'll do a separate blog w/ the recipes. 
Day 8

Day 9

Day 10


  1. You made s'mores and didn't lick your fingers. I am impressed. Thanks for this, I've been thinking about doing it but couldn't imagine going without pasta for 30 days! Your meals look delicious.

    1. The 5 pizzas were tough too. Right next to me as I made the S'mores. Then the girls didn't touch 2 of them. But I kept picking up stuff from the fruit and veggie trays and I felt better for it. It really does get easier as you go.

  2. What did you put on your eggs? We ate at IHop last week and they put some red sauce stuff on my egg sandwich. It was great.

  3. Usually we just fry them in the bacon grease... cause that's perfection. With a bit of salt and pepper.
    When we scramble we sometimes add hot sauce.
    Omelets is onions, bell peppers, and garlic salt.

  4. Thanks. I think I was looking at Day 5 breakfast. I'll have to find some hot sauce I like.


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