Friday, April 4, 2014


Jubilee - Joy Comes in the Morning
It was the last day of 6th grade.  That means summer break and then transitioning into Junior High.  I was nervous.  Having only moved to the district two years before I was still trying to find my clique; oh, I know we shouldn’t want to stick with just one group, but think back to that time in your life… if you didn’t find a group, you were the lone sheep sitting in an open field, a target for the meanest predator.  Good or bad, I just wanted to fit in.
So on the last day, with my t-shirt in hand, I changed from the cute outfit my mom approved and donned the shirt for all to sign.  Most of it was your typical yearbook nonsense; stay sweet, stay cool, see you next year.  Nothing original, but I didn’t care, I fit in and that’s what I wanted.
But then one of the guys, also new and wanting to fit in, wrote four bold letters across my back.  As a way of explaining what they meant he wrote vertically under the first letter of each word;
From Us Crazy Kids
It’s been nearly 30-years since that happened.  I don’t remember all the details, like whether I knew what he was writing, which teacher sent me to the office, but I do remember calling my mom.  It was the first and last time I ever had to do that.  I knew she’d tell my dad, but I had just enough hope that maybe if I called her instead of him I could survive this...

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