Friday, March 28, 2014

Updates and Stuff

I promised a follow up blog on all the products I've been making and using.  So here goes; one, two and three weeks later.

I used this on my 70-year old tub and it worked great.  I've also used it in the kitchen and I'm really diggin' the smell (courtesy of the Dawn) and the bubbles.  Bubbles make me think I'm doing more.  Vinegar alone doesn't give me that same satisfaction.  ;)

A week later and the glass cleaner is still my favorite formula.  Even the oldest has noticed that the solution dries fast and doesn't leave spots... making her job easier.  I also can't say enough about how well it works on my stainless steel appliances and ceramic top stove.  I'm super impressed!  (Just remember to shake it before each use so the cornstarch can do it's job.)
Two weeks ago I stuffed a mason jar with orange peels and filled with vinegar.  I put it in the fridge and left it alone.  Some directions said to leave it out, others said to refrigerate.  I did notice as the vinegar started to absorb into the peels that they looked brownish, not moldy like some said, but not pretty either. (In this current batch I'm leaving the jar out and using cleaning grade vinegar to compare.) When I strained the contents the orange scent covered the vinegar that I'm not too fond of.  I have the first batch in two small spray bottles, full strength.  I have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.  When I wipe the bathroom counters off I just use a spray or two and a washcloth destined for the washing machine.  *I'll try it around the toilet after Little Man decides to start using the indoor facilities again.  (It's spring y'all, a man can't be bothered to come indoors.)  ;)

And finally...

I made these 3 jars of home fragrance during a visit to my friends place.  In the jar they smell divine.  Sitting next to them on the warmer, fantastic... in another room... nothing.  Even 2-weeks in the fridge the scent didn't get stronger.  With a few drops of essential oils... not much difference.  But in the crackpot EXCELLENT!  This Lime and Thyme concoction has been in my tiny crock-pot for a couple of days now, just a few hours at a time and I love the smell.  It's not as strong as the diffuser, but sure beats tossing these beautiful jars of goodness out.  I figure I have a weeks worth of scents and when I toss them in the compost pile I won't cringe.  Y'all know I'm cheap and all.  ;)

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