Saturday, March 22, 2014

She's Cheap Y'all!

Glass Cleaner;
I use it for EVERYTHING.  
Our house is covered in shiny surfaces... not my doing.  
Between what feels like a million windows that are covered in nose, lips and tongue prints... 
(Seriously y'all, isn't 4 too old for that nonsense?)
we have stainless steel appliances. 
Way too many mirrors for this big girl to be comfortable.
A big ole farmhouse dinning table we use 4 to 5 times a day.
And doors... so many, many doors.

I've tried homemade glass cleaners more times then I'd like to mention. 
Okay, at least 4 different formulas that I can think of right off hand.
BUT today, as the oldest hands me an empty bottle of store bought cleaner I realized we were in a seriouse delima.  Either I could made some more or I'd have to take the 3 kids with me to the store... on a Saturday afternoon... when my list is 60 items long.  

So I did the Pinterest thing; oh you know I did!
I found one without ammonia... 'cause I don't have any on hand.
And then one with cornstarch.  I was like, what the heck?
I even researched it.  No one 'officially' seems to know why it's used, but many guess it's the mild abrassive to help scrub the stuff that only kids can manage to get to stick to glass.  
(No details... please.)

So because it was a bit different and I had all the ingredients on hand (the real reason) I tried it.

And I mean I tried it!  

Dinning table, French doors, stove top, stove front, fridge doors, dishwasher front, door frames, door handles, bathroom mirror, faucets, kid's bedroom mirrors, I've not tried on the TVs... cause the cornstarch makes me a bit nervous.  Which is silly seeing as my son uses the living room TV as a launch pad for his toy cars, but whatevah!  I have to make the husband think these things concern me.

So here's my obligatory (that is a word right?) photo with all the ingredients set up to look all fancy and stuff so you'll be sure to pin it and I can get credit for someone else formula.  
I added 2 extra drops of EO so we're good.  ;)

So try it out if you'd like and let me know what you think.  

*NOTE... it's settled in the bottle and the cornstarch has separated so I'm assuming you should shake it before each use.  HEY, maybe I can try it on the TV now? 

Oh wait, the starch is on the bottom.  
Never mind.

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