Monday, March 24, 2014

Body Butter and Bedtime Rub

I've no idea why I made body butter but when I get an itch... 
I should just ignore it.  HA!  
But y'all know I never do.

Since receiving my Young Living kit I've been using essential oils in everything.  I even pulled out my old soap making EOs and started to use those again.  Cause let's face it, I'm cheap and would rather use those in the diffuser since I already have them and hang on to my Young Living supplies like Gollum and his Ring.  
(Hopefully without the same ugly side effects.)  
Maybe I should rethink this.  ;) 

Moving on!  ;)

After using some EOs in my water, my diffuser, diluted for pain relief and adding a bit to coconut oil to calm the kids at night, I decided it was time to break out the big guns and make some body butter.  I've used my friend's homemade body butter over at so I know the stuff is good, but using something once or twice just isn't enough.  

I wanted to try it on everything, because like many of you I have a lotion for just about every body part.  I have them for my hands, my body, my feet, the kids, massaging and when the kids are sick another one for their chest and feet.  I wanted an all purpose that I could just add EOs to when I needed them.

So I used the recipe my friend had, found a few others on Pinterest to compare and headed off to our local Drug Emporium.  (I heart the place, and not just because it's at the end of my street either.)  ;)
They have EVERYTHING!  I was able to get the shea and cocoa butter as well as additional EOs.  I was tempted to buy a second diffuser for the kids room, but the place isn't cheap... I'll have to wait.

I came home with my loot, put the kids to bed and got to work... only to realize I needed a double boiler.  I of course don't have a double boiler. I don't want a double boiler. And I don't care what those crafty folks say I'm not getting one.

So I rigged one out of foil because the glass bowls I have are all too tall for my pans.  ARGH!  
Next time I'll be better prepared.  But foil does work in a pinch. 

Just roll the foil into tubes, lay them on the bottom, add your container(s) full of your equal parts of oils and butters and then fill the pan till the water is half way up the sides of the container(s).  I have a small whisk I could insert inside the wide mouth jars so I could speed up the break down of the cocoa butter.  (The stuff is as hard as a rock when you start.)

Rest assured, the foil did not go to waste.  The oldest had a good time fashioning swans out of them for the twins. 

Afterwards your butter and oils will look like this.  Let it sit for just a few minutes so the jars can cool down a bit before putting in the fridge. 
This is what it looks like straight from the fridge, no fluffing
It has almost a Vaseline feel to it before you whip it.

The directions said to let the mixture cool in the fridge for an hour.  When I tried it an hour later it wouldn't fluff.  I left it in the fridge over night and the next morning I got the results I wanted. "Whip it GOOD!"  ;)

When you whip it it fluffs up nice.  Even the next day it still looks like this.  And yes, I overfilled my jar.  Oops...

This is just one of the batches I made.  I call it Sleepy Time.  It's great for all over yourself and the kids just before bedtime.  *You normally wouldn't add peppermint to a 'calming' lotion, but I only added a few drops for that little bit of cooling.

If you don't have a local supplier of shea and cocoa butter you can always find some online.  If you just don't want to pay the cost then you can always just use coconut oil and olive oil.  I've been using coconut oil for several years now and love it.  It does take getting used to because you have to let it melt in your hands but it can certainly be used straight from the container.  I usually buy a jar for cooking and then set aside a small portion just for my kids when they have rough patches of skin, burns or even mild cases of eczema.  
But if you want to whip it for a creamer feel then just add a little olive oil and your favorite essential oils to spice things up.  
I really like not having to wait for the coconut oil to melt in my hands.  I can just rub my palm across the wide mouth jar and start applying.  This might be my go to formula because I always have these ingredient on hand in my kitchen.

This is the bedtime rub I made for the kids.  It's just a simple mix of about 1/2 C of coconut oil, 1 TBS of olive oil and Young Living's Peace & Calm with Lavender.  I rub this on the bottom of the kids feet as well as any dry spots.  My son has super rough skin and I'm currently treating it with this mix.  Just 4 applications and I'm seeing a marked improvement.  In the past I've used straight coconut oil to help his eczema behind his knees and within a day or two it's gone... so I already know the benefits of coconut oil.
When I pull this little jar out at bedtime I have three sets of feet propped up in my lap in no time.

Body Butter

Ingredients List:

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
*Essential Oils of your choice

Directions:   (This is really why you came to the blog. See how I put it at the bottom so you had to look at the whole thing?  So stinkin' clever right?! ;)

Mix equal parts of the coconut and olive oil as well as the shea and cocoa butter, put in a double boiler (or fashion your own) and melt the four ingredients.  
(Do NOT add the EOs yet.)
Once they have melted set them aside to cool for just a few minutes then place them in the fridge.  Some directions say an hour, but I put mine in over night.
When the mixture is cooled use a hand or stand mixer and whip on high (I set it to 8 on my KitchenAid.) and whip for 10-minutes.
Once you see the mixture is peeking you can either put it in separate containers to mix the EOs or add the EOs and continue mixing till everything is well blended.  
Transfer to your container(s) and use.

*I've read that you can use anywhere from 10 to 30 drops of oil... that's a big range.  I just say it's up to you.  I played around with scents till I liked the results.  Everyone is different so have fun.  Little tip though, have coffee grounds or beans close at hand so you can calm those olfactories down.  Otherwise everything will start smelling the same.  ;)

Simple Rub

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
1 TBS Olive Oil

Mix the ingredients, whip on high for 10-minutes, put in your container to add EOs of your choice or if just one batch then do it with the mixer.
Put it in your container and start using.

*No heating, no cooling!


  1. I'm seriously in love with your blog! I'm such a cheapo myself but love the butters and scrubs and oils I love that stuff but hate paying those over priced tickets they have on them! I'm totally trying these :)


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