Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm a Little Tea Pot

Y'all know by now that toys drive me nuts.  I mean, I appreciate that the kids love them, but finding room for 3 sets of toys in 1 room with 1 tiny closet...

Blondie LOVES tea sets and has had several over the past 4-years of her life. She has a current favorite but loved the bright colors of this little set.  So instead of putting it away for later I decided to make a little mobile for her room. 

Since the set is thin plastic I just used a 1/32" drill bit and drilled holes in the spoons, the tea cups, saucers and the tea pot.

A little ribbon, an over sized needle and lots of knots.  She loves it.  And I have one less tea set to pick up at night.  ;)

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