Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Board At Home

This is NOT a craft blog.  
However I've been in a crafty mood so if you hate crafts, I apologize.  
If you love crafts... <waves>. 

Here are two boards I made to go over my craft table to help keep things off my desk but still close at hand. 

This project was free.  It's a very nice piece of scrap birch the husband had left over from a project from years ago.  (You don't toss birch.)  ;)  The pockets are from old jeans that I used the legs for banners (another project I'll show soon).  I used a staple gun to attach the pockets and the twine in the back.  Though you can see the staples clearly in the photo they don't show up as much in person. You can certainly add ribbon or other embellishments to cover them, but I'm lazy and don't mind them.  ;)

Cheap ways to make hangers with household items.  *The can tab I've used for about 3-years now and I've had no problems with it. 

At the top of the picture is a piece of cut, hammered and copper painted roof flashing.  And barely in the photo is two magnetic dishes.  The kind used for holding small metal parts.  In this case tiny watch gears and other tiny 'steamjunk'. 

On the bottom of the photo are two drawer plaques, the kind the noisy handled dresser pulls attach too?  I know you know what I'm talking about.  We've all tried to get up quietly in the mornings, get dressed and get that one cup of coffee before the house wakes up, only to accidentally drop the dresser pulls and have them hit these stinkin' metal pieces!  What?!  Only me?  ;)  The husband stamped "steam" "junk" on the two plates for me and I added cup hooks to hold my skeleton keys and other doodads

And the finished piece (for now... I may add more junk later).  ;)  Everything pictured we had in the house besides the two magnetic dishes which were $1.50 a piece, so the project was a total of $3.00.  My cheap heart is happy and my steamjunk is handy. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Backpack Banner

UPDATED 1/22/2014
I've made it no secret that I'm cheap.  Some people would say frugal but we know that's just fancy speak for cheap.  So when the oldest busted another backpack zipper I couldn't just toss the thing, I mean, the pattern was so cute on it that to throw it in the garbage would be sacrilege!  Fortunately she's blessed with grandparents that love to buy her school supplies so we had an extra backpack... or 4 (not kidding, the twins are set for next year).  ;)
So no money spent, but still I didn't have the heart to toss it.  So I did what I've done before... and a little extra.  Last year she busted the zipper to a super cute owl backpack and I made a pouch with the pocket up front for her 'art studio'.  It works great and I didn't feel as bad tossing out the bulk of the pack.  

Top left side of the door... it holds her camera and chords. 

But this time I've got banners on the brain and I saw cute material for free.  
My favorite four letter F word!  So I cut the pocket out and told her to use it in her new (not as cute) backpack as a pencil bag and then started to cut up as many pieces as I could to make a little banner.  It was super fast and easy with pinking shears. 

Sorry it's blurry, I was in a mad rush.  ;)

Super easy pencil bag.  (NO SEW!!!)  ;)

There's still enough material that I might cut out a few letters. 

So that's it... cheap ain't so bad.  ;)

Punching holes and grommeting.  *I found yarn was too thin and made the material buckle so I changed to grosgrain ribbon.  It kept the fabric from bending and sliding. 

All done!  The broken backpack is now a banner AND a pencil bag.  Score one for the cheap M.O.M.!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm a Little Tea Pot

Y'all know by now that toys drive me nuts.  I mean, I appreciate that the kids love them, but finding room for 3 sets of toys in 1 room with 1 tiny closet...

Blondie LOVES tea sets and has had several over the past 4-years of her life. She has a current favorite but loved the bright colors of this little set.  So instead of putting it away for later I decided to make a little mobile for her room. 

Since the set is thin plastic I just used a 1/32" drill bit and drilled holes in the spoons, the tea cups, saucers and the tea pot.

A little ribbon, an over sized needle and lots of knots.  She loves it.  And I have one less tea set to pick up at night.  ;)