Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preparing for Our First Comic Con

First you need to figure out who you want to cosplay.  Me, I'm a fan of Lady Mechanika, and even though there are only 4 issues it's still a great concept and hopefully will be back in publication soon.  <fingers crossed> 
The first piece, for me it was the steampunk style ring.  I've been eyeballing this for years on Etsy and finally decided to buy it using the excuse of Comic Con.  Tommy said I was cheating on him.  Sorry guy, but this is cool.  ;)
Next was the goggles.  I love goggles but the price is WAY too much for me... so I made my own.

* Completed... and soon to be listed on Etsy.

Next I made earrings... already listed on Etsy
I would love to one day own a leather corset, but again the price is too much and the sizing vague.  If I can't try it on I don't want to buy it.  At the Comic Con only 2 steampunk vendors were there... only 1 had corsets... and now the husband wants to try his hand at leather.  New line to OTJ?  We'll see.  

My first steampunk corset.  I have lots of room to improve, but I've got a good idea of what I like now.
Fingerless gloves... a must. 
The bowler and goggles.  I received many compliments on them.  One guy said, "These make me very happy."  HA!
My plan for this once Wonder Woman style cuff bracelet was to attach a compass in the style of Lady Mechankia.  But neither Tommy or I could figure out how to do it with the compass we had available.  So at the last minute I spray painted the once silver toned metal cuff copper and added gears.  Simple and fun.
The choker; a simple black ribbon, my grandmother's watch, cameo and a skeleton key from my collection.

The laser lights and sound gun.  Fun, but one day I'd love for my dad (retired gunsmith) to make me a real/non-functioning one.  ;)

Since I just cut a foot of hair off I used a hair piece.  Must say, it was kind of fun.  But heavy and hot.  Enjoying the short hair again.  ;)

Coming together...

An old work suit, belt and holster... these were all hanging out in my closet.  So much cheaper than buying a new dress.

I tried different shirts...

I settled on this top since it showed off the gloves better and wasn't as hot.  Seriously, I was going to be walking around in it.  It needed to be comfortable.  ;)

Then it was time to work on Justice's.  I wanted her to pick an existing character, but NOOOooo, she had to be her own character.  

Sorry kid, best I can do.  ;)

Waiting in line.  The first day I put on fake eyelashes and the bright purple eyeshadow she has on her drawing but she hated it.  So day two just the eyebrows.  Fine.with.me.  ;)

Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days... this was Sunday late afternoon.  Justice had lost a tail, me a few gears and all three of us were exhausted.  But we had to get our red carpet photo before we left.  We had a ton of fun and we'll be back.  If not the Dallas one, then another... and soon. 

*What we saw at Comic Con in the next blog...

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