Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Ten On Ten

It's been a month of running around and trying to catch up with myself.  
I tried to enjoy today while doing Ten on Ten, but found I was still rushing about.  You can see it in my hurried photos.  :(  
Tomorrow, I'll slow down tomorrow...

Tearing down broken watches and reusing their parts for steampunk pieces. 

After taking the watches apart I came back and found this guy at my work desk looking rather suspicious. 
Our 3 legged AT-AT was taking a rest on the kid's nightstand. 

I'm sorry guys, but you can't hang from the wall mounted TV.

Two of our Girl Scouts needed patches ironed on while their mom is in the hospital.   
The twins thought they got away with stealing candy.  ;)

Roses Marshall picked this weekend.  Still going strong. 
Tae Kwon Do tonight.  She's almost ready for her blue belt. 
She had a bad day. 
Black beans soaking for tomorrow...

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