Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Did you find you went out more when your kids were younger?  
To clarify I mean visiting friends and shopping, not drinks and dancing.  ;)

I ask because when the twins were still in carriers I went out several times a week.  We'd visit the park, the zoo, the fair, the children's museums and library.  They had the cool carriers that popped in to the car, their stroller and then swings at the house.  If I planned it just right I could feed, change, get them loaded and make it to our destination without incident.  Once there I might take them out of their carriers or let them continue to nap.  They were super handy.

Bounce house with our mom group.

School field-trip to the Zoo

West Texas Fair and Rodeo

The park, this was about the time I decided I wasn't going to chase two toddlers in two different directions again.  ;) 

Now that they are 4 they ask questions, they touch things, they play rough, they talk in loud voices and, well, they're kids.  Because of that I visit friend's houses and avoid shopping whenever I can with them.  I'm not a shut in, I just don't care to create unnecessary stress.  Ever... not kidding.  I like the simple life.  ;)

Next year they start school.  I'm still working with Little Man to make sure he's ready so I'm not overly anxious, but I do get a little giddy some days when I think about a quiet house for 7-hours, 5 days a week.  Can you imagine how clean the house will be?  How much writing I can do?  Oh and the Etsy shop... I might even work on that.  ;)

So tell me, do you get out more that the kids are older?  Or more when they were younger?

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  1. I actually find myself as of late, feeling alone. Which is such an unexpected feeling, I thought I would become so productive. I guess I haven't gotten the hang of things?? being alone with just one?
    But I agree that it is harder to go out with two moving/yelling/licking-everything bodies than it is when they're smaller. Funny.


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