Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where God Guides, God Provides

My decision to stay home was not my own.

I had always seen myself working outside the house.  Briefly when my company was bought out while I was still on maternity leave, my co-worker suggested we might receive severance packages.  For the first time the idea crossed my mind.  But when I went back to work, none was offered and my position continued.

Later, when a job opportunity became available I thought about moving within the company.  For the first time I wondered what God wanted me to do instead of what I wanted.  And so I decided to ‘test’ the idea out.  

After work one day I settled Justice down for a nap and decided to pray in a quiet place.  My walk in closet was perfect.  On the way I grabbed my Bible, but didn’t turn the light on so there was no way of reading it.  Instead I shut the door, laid on the floor with my head and hands resting on the open Bible.  

Now mind you, I wasn’t playing Bible roulette.  I didn’t plan on flipping through the tomb and randomly picking a passage and making it fit my situation.  But I did hope it would keep me focused and more open.  I was using the Bible as a physical reminder that I needed to be silent so I could hear the spiritual words.  And so I prayed.

I’ve forgotten much about that prayer, but I still vividly recall asking my question and getting a very clear; “Stay home.”  I remember laughing in the dark and thinking He must have heard me wrong.  I repeated my question and again I heard the same words.  I was convinced God didn’t know what He was suggesting.  I wasn’t interested in staying home.

So I didn’t...

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