Friday, September 6, 2013

September Secret Subject Swap

Your “Secret Subject” is: 

What's the worst thing or things your children have done to embarrass you in public?  Name as many as you'd like.
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I've spent weeks thinking about this.  Even asked the husband and the ONLY thing that comes to mind is the first time I met his old bosses.  Justice was sitting on a stole next to one of the jewelery showcases and she pulled the front of my shirt down.  I recovered fast, she laughed and they pretended not to notice.  But that's it.  

Tommy says it's rare that I get embarrassed.  I disagree, but usually it's things I do myself and not what others do.  I learned early on that embarrassment is a weakness and others will use it against you.  So I don't let things bother me very easily.  Which has been beneficial as a parent.  They're kids.  They do silly stuff.  And my life is made so much easier if I just laugh at their actions instead of stress over them.

I taught my oldest to do the same.  When kids make fun she's to say a simple, "Thank You".  It throws them off.  It takes away their ammo.  And it's just loads of fun to see their blank expressions. 
So I guess I don't have embarrassing moments.  But man do I have a ton of photos and blogs about the things they've done that made me laugh and scratch my head.  

Maybe one day I'll find myself wanting the concrete to swallow me up, but these first 10-years of parenting have been more laughing at what they do rather than being embarrassed by them.

Kids, the best source of laughter around.  

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  1. You have such a wonderful attitude!! I love that you don't sweat the small stuff! Good for you!!!! :D

  2. !st of all, that toilet picture is priceless.
    2nd, your views on embarrassment and the lessons you are teaching your kids are both wonderful. Happy Friday :)

    1. It's the ultimate in laughing at ourselves so others can't. :)

  3. you are my hero woman...I love what you teach your daughter to say..."thank you" wow...what a way to take their power away and show you love yourself. I am so teaching my son that.

    1. I test her all the time with silly insults like, "Bogger Butt" and "Snot bubble". She smiles and says, "Thank you." I <3 my kids. :)

  4. Ohhhh I wish I was more like you and not easily embarrassed! My kids THRIVE on public embarrassment of their mum! I LOVE these pictures of your gorgeous children--the toilet one is priceless! Great job on the prompt!

  5. I just love your answer. And I have to tell you, if you want to know the definition of embarrassed, pull out that toilet picture in about 6 years when dates start coming home!

  6. Thank you is such a great response! Tucking that away for a rainy day with my bunch.
    What makes this post awesome is the incredible pictures of your adorable little people. What great timing to capture the fantastic moments that make this parenting gig amusing. :)

  7. I've learned the same thing. I've been, LOUDLY, told that the gas I passed (hey, I was happens) was REALLY stinky. My son has went up to an older person and commented on their lack of goes on and on. They aren't rude, they were just brutally honest when they were younger.

  8. I LOL'd at your pictures of your too adorable kids! HA HA! I don't always get those moments-how great that you captured them on camera!

    You know, I'm trying to think of something my kids have done to embarrass me, but really I'm totally good at doing that to myself...


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