Friday, September 20, 2013

September Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

  Admittedly I forgot to get my post ready.  I mean, I scheduled it, got the basic info up and ready to go, but this morning, before my first cup of coffee I remembered I'd not added anything.  Without the aid of caffeine I had a quick jolt.  
"OH NO!!!"
So what y'all will get today is a mess of photos.  Which based on my maxed out phone storage is no surprise.  It's how I document the kids lives...and my garden... 
and my Etsy shop.  
Here's a few (a lot) of pictures from this months shenanigans at the Moore house.  :)

Blondie took a selfie.  Love these...
that is as long as the phone is still working afterwards.  ;)
"I'm not tired mom!"  Mhmm.....
Who needs attack dogs when I have these guys?  ;)
 Girl Scout Swap... bottle cap pins.  Easy fun and cute.
Did I mention cheap.  Cheap is good too.  ;)
 Little Man didn't pick just one flower... he picked them ALL. 
The last big harvest from my Tiny Texas Garden.
That green orb in the middle is a tiny watermelon.
It was good... all 3 bites of it.  ;)
 Four year shots for the twins.
Mercy HAD to see herself in the mirror.
Marshall was happy to assist. 
 When my girl plays, she plays hard.
 Little Man was helping do dishes.  ;)
We were waiting for Justice to get out of school.
Batgirl HATES waiting.
 I stamped 80 boxes for our Etsy shop.
I usually wait for the sale, but I feel all productive.
It's a rare occurrence so I had to document it.  ;)
 She wanted something, I forget now, but that's her
crazy eye, "Peas!" smile.
...also, her and her brother have matching trampoline burns on their noses.
While Justice was at a birthday party M&m had fun at the park.
There was much sliding and swinging.  I was exhausted.  ;)
We went to the roller derby, a double header.
Five hours of fun.
As you can see Justice was slap happy by the end.  :)
BUT she's never without pen and paper.
Both of our teams won.  YAY!
I was in 'get stuff done' mood and FINALLY gave up
the 'Inspiration' binder.  I figure by now I've pinned them
all on Pinterest.  So long pretty pieces of paper.
Peppers... they finally came in.
My tiny bell pepper.  Lots of rain this week so maybe
they'll be ready soon.  <fingers crossed>
This is my friend.  She has worked so hard.
Seeing her in Fitness magazine was exciting!
M&m are sick.  Like for real.  They napped...
My laser flashlight gun thingy showed up.
Two more weeks to Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days!!!
Little Man thought I needed this book so he
bought it for me.  Thanks.  <sigh>

The cover art is done by a female graphic artist that
Justice will be meeting at Fan Days.  How cool is it that
it has Spider Woman (my personal favorite) on front.
AND it's 3-years old but my comic book guy had it.
AND... he gave it to me for FREE!!! 
Remember up there my friend Elisha?
The Fitness magazine chick?  
I'm so calling her that now.  ;)
I made this for her.  It took me 3-months but I did it.
I've had serious procrastination issues lately.  ;)
...and from last night.  <still giggling>
Marshall saw a bug and asked daddy to kill it.
Tommy told him to get the bug spray.  
Instead he brought him lighter fluid.  
It was a proud mommy moment. ;)

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  1. You had to do the 4 year shots too, huh? I had to take Cailibug to get hers. I didn't tell her, though, until we got there. The look of utter betrayal was enough to make me come unhinged. Luckily, seeing "horseses and cowses" made it all better.

  2. This was great!! I love the pictorial view from this month!!!

  3. I'm actually kind of happy that you forgot your post. The pictures are a great way to peek inside your home.

    Love the pics of the sleeping kids (though wouldn't wish for them to be sick, of course). And that dishes one is hysterical.

  4. I love looking at the photos. Your twins are so cute. Those four year old shots suck. I'm glad you're over that hump.
    Your garden produced a lot more than mine did. Probably because you watered yours. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  5. Oh the swaps, the swaps! I once had 3 troops that were all going to camp the same week. My house was one big art project for a month.
    Those buttons are super cute!
    You design such beautiful jewelry, your scouts are lucky to have such a talents leader.

    That picture of your son being the step stool for his sister was too precious. So wonderful!

  6. i absolutely love the post of Justice's handmade sketchbook and roller derby drawing! yes! tell her i'm proud of her! never go without pencil & paper!

  7. I agree with everyone - the photos tell the stories perfectly. I enjoyed each and every one of them. Great post!

  8. Your daughter's selfie is hilarious! Love all the pics of your adorable kids!

  9. Love all the kid photos, especially the one "my girl plays hard" that is great. And the "kill the bug" with lighter fluid. That would do the trick.


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