Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Iced Coffee Recipe by

While I was at my friend's this weekend I finally got to try her iced coffee.  If you follow her on Instagram or Facebook
you've seen pictures of this heavenly concoction.  I took one sip and decided this would be something I'd be making on a regular bases.  I <3 it!!!

She sent me this recipe and I followed it pretty well.  Minus her super cute mason jars and French press.  But for some odd reason I did have a cheese cloth.  Can't remember why, but there it is.  ;)  *I'm assuming a coffee filters would work as well.  ;)
If you like iced coffee try it out and then go like her page(s).  She's all awesome and stuff.  For real. 

iced coffee: 
1 2/3 cups coffee grounds 1/2 cup sugar (i use coconut palm) 1/2 gallon jar/container put coffee + sugar in jar, fill with water, refrigerate overnight. 12ish hours is ideal. use a french press or cheese cloth to filter/strain. then i filled my glass of ice a little over half full with cold coffee, then filled it with almond milk, used a spoonful of agave and a pinch of salt. don't forget the salt! 

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