Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simple Moments: Found After Dark

From myreal.everyday.lifewhat is simple moments about?

i originally started it as a personal photo project to get my creativity sparked again and so i could start documenting the ordinary moments in my ordinary days. because really, those little ordinary things will later be so extraordinary to us when we are gray and old and our kid's kids have kids.

later, i needed more of a challenge to spark creativity and to keep the need to document my days, because let's be honest, i can get lazy in my photo taking and journaling. so i now have weekly prompts, which you can find on my right sidebar.

simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog.

if you join in, your photos don't have to be artsy fartsy, they just need to be something you want to remember. in fact, you don't even need photos, write about it if you're more of a writer. you can even video it instead. we all have our medium that we prefer, i like using my camera with a few words. your kids will thank you later in life, promise. these will be the sweet little memories that will be cherished for a very long time.

a few things:
1: anyone is welcome! document your marriage, family, kids, yourself. the point is to document your life, the simple, ordinary things that are often taken for granted, that one day, you'll want to look back on and remember.
2: please link back to me somewhere in your post. you can use the simple moments button, it's the easiest way.
3: please add the link to your actual simple moments blog post, not to your entire blog.
4: please be sure to visit others around your entry and leave a few kind word

This weeks prompt:  found after dark

I've had a Kindle for about a year and a half now.  I use it a lot... like everyday... a lot.  But sometimes I get nostalgic for a paperback and head out to the library to borrow one.  Or grab one from my mom's massive collection.  And then I stay up late or wake up early and not wanting to disturb anyone I try to read without turning any over head lights on or lamps.  So I have to resort to one of these nifty book lights that have NEVER worked well for me.  <sigh>  It breaks my heart to admit it, but I've gone over to the dark side.  ;) 

Kid's sleeping.  We had a bed for Marshall but he never slept in it.  Now they've outgrown it, as you can see by Justice curling her legs up.  Now we have to figure out how to make him sleep in his own... this might be a challenge.  :)

I love twinkle lights and have them all over the house.  Many on timers.  These are in the bathroom.  At night the overhead and wall lights are too harsh so I leave these plugged in.  They make any room a little magical.  No sense in waiting till Christmas for them.  :)


  1. poor J!!! heheehe...I live with christmas lights all year long. we had them in our backyard in abilene (dang squirrels made us replace them several times) and we have some on our front porch that we love to turn on. they do make ANY room magical. I want to add some to our back porch now :) so happy you participated in brooke's photo diary!

  2. Hahah aww, I love the pic of the kids all sleeping in the same bed.


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