Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Popovers, Meatballs and Biscuits; oh my!!!

Meet my little friend.  ;)

The big birthday gift this year was a KitchenAid Classic Mixer.  Something we wouldn't normally buy because the price tag is scary high.  BUT the husband knows I only like to cook when it's fun and when 3 kids are always hungry... it's not much fun.

Over the years my favorite gifts have been power tools.  I'd much rather be outside helping to build fences, decks and awnings then cooking stuff that the kids may or may not like.  It's frustrating and takes a lot of the joy out of it.  So recently he's been doing the bulk of the cooking.  Mostly because he finds it relaxing, partly because I clean the mess, but also he channels his inner Justin Wilson and drinks wine or whiskey while prepping. I love it!
However the guy does work 6-days a week so there is a bit of a guilt issue.  <sigh>  Guilt is so ugly.

Anyway, he wasn't too sure about the purchase.  Even though I've been hinting at it for ages he wasn't convinced a kitchen tool was really that high on the want list.  So I had to reassure him a few times that he did great.  And he did!  I'm really diggin' this thing.  In the past I've just had hand mixers.  I've worn 2 or maybe 3 out now and the last one I actually made the motor smoke.  I high fived the kids.  "Mom's smokin' hot!"  They didn't find the humor but they giggled right along with me.

So yeah, I've been without a mixer for a few months and decided that with 3 kids and a husband who likes to bake, this would actually be worth it in the long run.  And probably get more use than my DeWalt compound miter saw, and that old girl has seen some work.  She's helped build 4 decks, 2 awnings, 2 fences, a headboard and countless other projects.  (Seriously ladies, power tools should be on your wishlists.)  ;)

This morning I made traditional biscuits.  I tossed in the ingredients and while putting everything up the mixer did the work.  When I was done so was the dough.  I almost clapped and giggled like a school girl but I contained myself and just fist pumped and growled an 'awesome'. 

All I had to do was roll the dough out and cut the biscuits.  It was the perfect consistency so it made it so much easier.  I tossed the dozen in the oven, cleaned up the bowl and mixer blade, super easy and just waited till the husband walked in.  "I'm making bread tonight.  You should maybe get me some pearls cause I'm all Betty Crocker up in this house."

The poor man.  Twenty years with me and he still smiles at my lameness... or maybe the smell of the biscuits did it.  Either way, he did good.  And when the newness has worn off for me I know he'll be standing in my place making those dang cookies and brownies he loves to leave at the house all day to keep me fattened up.  (I know his evil plans.)  ;)

Baking Powder Biscuits Prep
Making Dough :)

12 Biscuits Ready to Bake

I might add an egg glaze the next time, but they turned out GREAT!

First thing from the mixer was meatballs.  Gone in minutes.  Kids loved.  :)

My first ever PopOvers. Tommy and Justice made custard. Again the kids loved!


  1. i am so excited for you to have that. but i'm also so jealous that you have that.

  2. I am seriously so jealous. I only have a hand mixer. Never had a stand mixer. Husband went out to look at them for me once but he somehow ended up in a store that sold them to businesses. He said I'd fit in the bowl. No place to store it, oh well.


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