Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July: Ten on Ten

This is my first try at Ten on Ten, but hopefully not my last.
The idea is to take 10 pictures over a 10-hour time frame 
capturing the extraordinary in an ordinary day.
Sadly my camera was not fully charged so I missed a few hours.
In the end I took 120 photos and these were just 10 of MANY favorites.   

Peach Pits on the Porch Steps

They look over my garden and make me smile. 

Squash; we're running over with the stuff, but I still get excited when I see new ones.

It protects my tomatoes... and scares me just a bit.  ;)

Baby watermelon, so cute. 

A room with a view... the bathroom.  ;)

My most favorite. 

Today's craft was finger weaving.  She smiles like her daddy. 

The best part about bath time is the playing. 

I wish y'all could hear his laugh.  :)


  1. Love the garden shots - especially the sunflower! We are still waiting on our's to bloom!!!

  2. ok, for real. we posted pretty much the exact photo of the melon. nuts! i love this post, and i'm so happy you participated!! also, jealous of all your produce. my tomato plants are flippin' tall, but are growing nothing, and naturally, i haven't got a clue what i'm doing. but i do have a ton of basil! i call that a win.

  3. Fun set of photos! I wish my watermelon plant would produce something! Still waiting

  4. I too love cheddar with port! And my daughter (my baby who is 15...ugh) LOVES finger weaving/knitting! It is a de-stresser for her I guess. She got the crafty-ness from my mother in law, because I can't cut paper without screwing it up.

  5. I'm fascinated with my garden too... I visit every day to see how things are coming along. Your veggies are a bit further along... we're behind here in Wisconsin. Great set.


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