Friday, July 12, 2013

July Secret Subject Swap

This months secret subject swap question: Tell us about when you watched fireworks for the first time with your kids.   It was submitted by:

Sadly we've never done the 'big show' with our kids. 
For one, not a fan of crowds.
Two, they go to bed hours before the shows start.
Three, I'm just not that cool of a mom. 

However, we have shot off our own out at my parent's place in the country and watched from our backyard.  The kids get excited and ohh and ahh but it only lasts for a short period of time.  Perhaps because it's so late and they're tired.  But one day, when they're older, we'll do the big show.  Pinky swear.  :)

Now when I was a kid we actually crawled on the roof with folding chairs and placed them on the peek.  It was a balancing act.  Just more proof my parents were crazy!!!  But those were fun times because we were so close to the football field, where they launched the fireworks, that we could hear the synchronized music and announcer.  We'd have block parties... yelling from roof top to roof top.  Great stuff, back when child safety came second after having fun.  Oh the good ole days.  :)

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  1. I've never taken Dino to a big show of fireworks either, he'd be way to scared right now.

    the crazy things we did as kids, right?

  2. We have taken the kids several times but it always turns out the same way. One or more are scared to death and we have to leave before it's all over.
    This year we just watched from our porch while the neighbors set some off.
    Funny, it still ended the same way.... LOL

  3. My kids love the fireworks. Cailin took awhile to warm up to them, but she loved the colors. There is a Harley shop that is close to my house that shoots off fireworks every 4th of July and we can sit on our porch and watch them. That helps. A LOT! lol

  4. LOL we take the kids on the roof to watch the fireworks from the school up the road. No balancing chairs on the peak thought. I think that would send my anxiety over the edge. We end up with half the block up there. ;)

  5. Love that you sat on the top of your roof. Great core workout :) We would go out each year to the hill where they were actually set off. It's amazing I can still hear. It was awesome to see, hear and feel the fireworks. Now that I'm older and live in Utah, I just worry about the fires they can cause. :(

  6. Where I grew up, fireworks weren't legal so you really had to go out of your way to see them. Where I live now they are, and starting a week before the 4th, the shows never end. And I can see them from the front of my house, from the back deck and out every window. And somehow seeing those colors light up the sky never gets old.

  7. This brought back a similar memory for me--sitting on the roof and being able to see several shows from different counties that held their fireworks display over the ocean. I love the idea of you being able to shout out to neighbors doing the same. And you're right--it was back in the days when parents didn't worry as much about child safety. We were all dare-devil kids back then!

  8. I love fireworks. A few years ago I lived close to the centre of town, and every year on guy fawkes night there would be a huge bonfire and a fireworks show two blocks from my house. I used to go stand in my back yard and watch the spectacle from the privacy of my own home without the obnoxious crowds of drunk teens. Those are some of my favourite memories from that house.

  9. We get to see them right in our own yard, and although my older one was scared at first we had him come sit right with us in Dad's lap and watch. Now it's one of his favorite things!

  10. Great memories - before they were illegal, my uncle used to set fireworks in his backyard - great times!


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