Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Paint Job

The living and dining room.

Over the doors are 2 white birds for Marshall and Mercy. 

Justice loved the red, so I kept a bit for her.

The living room was once a very rich and dark red.  I painted it to a lighter, more cheerful green.  This was after I demolished the fake fireplace... more fun than it should have been.

The dining room was already yellow, but a bit dull and the paint wasn't washable.  Not good with 3 kids.  NOT good at all.

The door, piano and the bit of hallway that you can see is a light blue, I did that last year... cause I loved it.

And you might also notice all the instruments in those 2 rooms.  Acoustic guitar, bass, lap-steel, electric guitar, resonator, fiddle and uke.  There's also a flute, keyboard (Justice's), a dozen harmonicas and the twins have a guitar each.  These pieces aren't for looks.  Every day somebodies playing something.  (Yay me!)  ;)

Before Painting
The dull yellow, rich red, dark green (hallway) and old stained piano.  All look really good, but after 4-years I wanted a change.  Paint really is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.  *After painting the piano I found out the bridge was cracked.  It stays tuned for a day... at the most.  :(
So pretty.

I changed it often.  I miss that part.  :(

We really liked the mantel and it was a selling point when we bought the house.  But when you have a 1,200 sq ft home and 3 kids... you have to sacrifice form for function some times.  Now we have seating for the 5 of us and we didn't have to give up floor space.  I was also able to sell the mantle to an antique shop and made enough money to pay for all the paint and supplies... so technically it was free.  ;)   

 So that's the living and dining room. Before that I did the kid's room and glazed what was once my bedroom furniture but is now there's.  The laundry room and last week our bedroom.  That just leaves the lone bathroom and kitchen.  But I'm not sure about the kitchen.  It's orange... a super cool terra cotta orange that I love.  I'll need to think on it.  But at the least it needs touching up.  I'll keep y'all posted.  ;) 

*One more thing, when we bought the house we just had the one kid.  We planned on another, but were surprised with twins.  I mean, my  mom's a twin, we have aunts, uncles, cousins who are twins, but still you don't actually expect them. So 10-months after buying the house we went from a family of 3 to 5.  We may or may not have purchased a bigger home had we known, BUT we've no plans on moving any time soon.  We love our little place and so do the kids.  (All dog piled in their one room.)  ;)

Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 1 of 14.  :)


  1. Looks beautiful just like you & your family...too bad you live so far away or you could do mine lol...

    1. Painting is fun.
      Pfft... total lie. I apologize. ;)


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