Friday, June 14, 2013

Never Drink and Dye!

So it all began with a Girl's Night Out...

Don't most bad decisions?  ;) 

Tuesday evening six of us local bloggers were going to get together and share information and ideas on how to expand our current pages.  Things such as giveaways, ad space, topics, branding... you get the idea.  At the last minute one of the ladies was unable to attend so we cancelled. 

NOT the get together; you serious?  No way we'd forfeit a night out.  Especially me since the husband was staying home with our 3 kids and I had no place to be the next day.  I was ready for this and more excited than a chick my age should be.  (It's a fact, I don't get out much.)

The five of us met at Tia's house, AKA Story of a Girl, and inhaled her super amazing snacks, because if y'all didn't know, the chick can cook.  (So good I've proposed to her on multiple occasions.)  After we made sure to test everything everyone brought we started in on the drinks.  My contribution to the get together was Parrot Bay and Coke.  I like to keep things classy.  ;) 

After a drink or three Jennifer from It's Not My Workout, It's My Diagnosis said she wanted to color her hair.  And not something typical and boring, she wanted straight up red.  Super hero red as she called it.  Being the supportive and slightly crazy friends that we are we told her she had to do it... and right then.

So our friend Chelsey, soon to be blogger, who had not been drinking, decided to drive Jennifer and I to the local Sally's beauty supply store.  While the two of them picked a color and asked the associate what they needed to insure she got the results she wanted, I was down the aisle, checking out the darker shades.  Since my hair was black with fire engine red highlights that had dulled to a burnished orange.  I thought maybe it was time for a change too.  And looking at the box of super hero red Jennifer had I started to have hair envy.   

"I want that.  I used to rock red.  Why don't I any more?"  

Had I not had the 3 drinks earlier or maybe if I hadn't been standing in the supply house with all those fun colors staring me in the face screaming for me to pick them, I might have remembered that not only would the black NOT accept the red (no matter what the associate said) but that with my touch of *cough* gray *cough* the roots would be hot.  And not like sexy, her hair is hot, but like, "Someone did their own hair while drunk" hot.

But my voice of reason was swimming in rum and coke.

Back at Tia's place, minutes from doing the deed, Marlo at Nightdreams & Daymares had to leave to pick up her MIL.  I point this out because she might have been my voice of reason.  The one to suggest that perhaps red might not be what I was after.  But then again she's going purple... or was it blue very soon?

Okay, so there was no hope for me.  I was doing this.  And after seeing Jennifer's results there was no going back.  


Dark hair Christine

The before shot.  Doesn't show the red hot roots in their full glory, but you get the point.  Red roots, black hair... hot mess.

Lunch Lady Christine
The lunch lady look, this is the color correction bit.
Megan, my super awesome hair chick, she stripped my hair.
Worst smelling stuff, EVER.
Stripper hair Christine
Stripper hair, not the pole type, you dirty people!
I mean the artificial color is gone.
No more black, no more red, but a nice bright orange is shining through.

Now to start the dying all over again, but this time minus the super hero red.

Foiled Again
After rinsing, cutting and blow drying we both decided
there just wasn't enough copper highlights.
Foiled again!

Sexual Chocolate hair Christine
5-hours later, the awesome results.
Not super hero red, but I dubbed it Sexual Chocolate.
<insert Eddie Murphy voice>

The next day in the sunlight... well it's actually overcast,
but still outside lighting.  I'm so very, very pleased.  

When it was all said and done, the $25 trip to Sally's became a $200 hair color correction and recolor.  

M.O.M. tip of the day:  

Don't Drink and Dye... EVER!  


  1. bahahahahahahahaha But you hair is better than mine now, so you win!!!! yayy you!!!!

  2. Ha! You live next to some cool bloggers... I love the after. You could've kept the red roots and called it rockstar ombré

    1. I teased my hair chick that I might start a new trend.
      *I can call her that, the shop is called the Hen Shack. ;)

  3. Bwahahahaha!!! And, I will have pictures tomorrow. The hubs is going with camera in tow to document mine. And, I have heard awesome things about The Hen Shack. It looks awesome, btw. Jerry loves it, too!

  4. You're beautiful; red, black or grey. And, for the record, I have not been drinking!

    1. I <3 you...and not just 'cause you cook and stuff. ;)

  5. LOVE IT!!! I would have done something crazy in fact I have. I have gone from blonde to some brown color but when the color didn't take I had to go to work with purple hair the following day. I was a figure skating judge and not one person on the panel could keep a straight face when I showed up. I decided I would leave box jobs to the professionals lol.

  6. Ok, so maybe drunk dying was not the best decision, but what a great story you have now! The after is beautiful :)


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