Friday, June 7, 2013

June Secret Subject Swap

Your prompt is: You have lost your internet connection for a week. How do you spend your time? (Besides rocking in the fetal position).
It was submitted by:

If I lost internet connection I'd probably steal it from the neighbors.  
Just kidding.  

...maybe.  ;)

Oh let's see.  After I knew there was nothing to be done to fix it I'd probably sit on the couch with a cup of coffee thankful that at least I still had that.

Next I'd catch up on laundry and house work.  
Crazy idea there.

I'd maybe work in the garden?  Instead of waiting till it was desperately in need of work I'd actually keep it up and have it picture perfect ready all the time.  
Okay, for just that one week.  ;)

Hmmm, then I guess I might catch up on my blog writing.  I'd of course have to actually use Word and save them for later, but for once I wouldn't be posting them 5-minutes before they were scheduled to post.  

(I'd like to point out that I'm doing this one 10-days early... scary awesome right?!)  
After all that I'd start on those home improvement projects like painting and building a few tables for the patio.  Things I usually put off till the kids are at their grandparent's for a few days.  But with no internet... what the heck, I'd get some stuff done!  :)

And then... then I'd make tea cookies, fire up the kettle and settle down for a good long read.

But of course all of this depends on the kids.  Cause internet or not they demand more of my time than anything.  Trust me, I've tried to squeeze in more 'me time' but they always find something to get into to stop that from happening.  ;)

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  1. After first having a nervous breakdown, I would probably do the same things. My house would be A LOT cleaner than usual..... LOL

  2. I like your first answer, LOL.

    You are ALWAYS scary awesome, even when you write 5 minutes before you post.

  3. Coffee, tea, cookies and a good book? I may need to unplug my computer! Thanks for answering my SSS question. This is the first time I've swapped topics with the same person.

  4. Life without Internet seems so scary and lonely. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you at least sane until you would have it back.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

  5. If I didn't have the internet, I'd go to the library a lot, because they DO have it. lol

    1. Hi, I did not read this first. Should have read through comments. But we so agree with one another.

  6. I'd read. I know, crazy talk, right? I guess that would depend on if the kids let me! They think they need my time and attention too!

  7. Our public parks in town all have WiFi so I'd think I'd be forced to loiter around the park a bit more often.
    Only in So. California would nature be receiving a better signal than some rooms in my house. :)

  8. Hi how do you get o this list. So funny. I would go insane with my internet. I am so addicted to reading and commenting on blogs. I had have to go to the library and stay there all day on their computers. ;)


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