Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Story of Joy

Some of y'all know I'm writing for a new web site called 
Angela DeRossett is the creator of the page and a longtime friend, but not your typical friend.  See, we used to ride the school bus and had a few classes together, but we weren't all that close.  However through social media we met up again and started up a friendship online.  That friendship has lasted over a decade now, both of us watching our families grow and learning things about each other that have built a mutual respect and dare I say love?  
As bad as social media can be, sometimes when used right, you bridge the distance and build friendships.  And because I've written for her before when she asked if I'd do it again I was ecstatic.  Of course I will.  I'd love to.  And finally there's some direction to my writing.  Although I still plan on writing whatever comes to mind, now, at least once a month, I can focus on deeper things… my faith.  
And I thank Angela for helping me do that.  

My Story of Joy: originally posted at Joy Comes in the Morning

I grew up in the church. I used to joke with friends that I didn’t find God because He was never lost. I don’t joke so much about that these days. Though God is always there we get lost, often and sometimes thoroughly.
I accepted Jesus in to my life at a very young age, but it was at the age of 14 that the Holy Spirit pulled me out of my pew, walked me down the aisle and in a cascade of tears tell our preacher I wanted to be baptized. That day my life became more focused. I was not just trying to live right for me, but for God. It made life so much easier during the teen years. And when I started up a friendship with Tommy in college we didn’t stop to analyze whether marriage at such a young age was a good idea, we just knew it was. And though it was tough we stepped out in faith knowing that income, education and our vast differences didn’t matter. God could make all things possible.
And He did. We struggled, but we never faltered. Life was pretty easy for us. Never were we rich or successful in the eyes of the world, but we were happy, our bills were paid and within 6-months of marriage we were in the house we’d live in for 10-years. We made a lot of memories in that house, but sadly not a single one involved church. We had the mindset that we didn’t need a church home.
…and then the miscarriage came.
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