Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mingle Blog Hop

MHO Monday Mingle Blog Hop  

This week's Theme: Mother's Day
Show us what "Motherhood" looks like.  
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  

The Good:
Justice made her daddy a "Kiss the Cook" apron for his 40th birthday
and one of her gifts to me for Mother's Day was this beautiful picture.
(She makes me look good.)  ;) 

The Bad:
Last week the twins got in to my polish.  How they did it is a mystery to me because it was so high up and hard to get to.  But they are ninjas.  The dresser has been fixed but I've not touched the carpet.  I need more patience to deal with that... some other day.  ;)

The Ugly:
The twins at it again.  Mercy with the biggest splinter ever even after a hundred "put your shoes on".  I figured after this bad boy she'd never go barefooted.  I was wrong.
An the Red Hot... straight from Marshall's ear.  

This is motherhood, one day they love you, the next day they destroy your things, but everyday they need you.  

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  1. . . . and every day they love you and every day you love them back.


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