Friday, May 17, 2013

May Secret Subject Swap

Your “Secret Subject” is: 
Tell us about your best Mother's Day you've ever had.
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My best Mother's Day ever was probably the one just before the twins were born.  
Mainly because Justice was old enough to participate.  
That year Tommy made me a Mother's Ring with Justice's birthstone, a blue zircon and the soon to be born twin's birthstones, which were peridots.  The light blue and light green stones look so pretty together and with twins you know you always have two stones to offset the center.  (I couldn't have planned it better.)  ;)  

But the fun part was Justice trying to sneak in the room that morning to give me the present.  I acted like I was still asleep when she crept in the room in her best creepin' position... a half squat half shuffle.  She went to her daddy's side of the bed and made sure it was time.  
(I believe she had come in before dawn the first time and he told her to wait a bit.)  ;)  

When he gave her the okay she crept over to my side of the bed and jumped up in the hopes of surprising me.  She was so excited she couldn't wait for me to open the box.  After much encouragement from her that included tearing at the paper and rushing me, I finally opened the box and put the ring on.  She clapped and bounced on the bed and then rubbed my very large, 6-month-pregnant-with-twins belly and said, 

"Next year we can surprise mom together."  :)  


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  1. I have chills. What an incredible memory, and the ring sounds perfect.

    I'm thinking of you today. Amazed that you put up a Swap post on your way to surgery. Speedy recovery, my friend.

  2. that is just sweet babe, what a beautiful memory. I agree that when the kids can participate it makes it more meaningful.

  3. Isn't it awesome how excited the kids can get when waiting for Mommy to open her present. That just melts my heart right there. And what she said when she rubbed your belly??? Just priceless!!

  4. Darn hormones! That brought tears to my eyes! I have twins as well (they will be 9 this year) and their birth stone is Ruby (July). My youngest daughter's birthday stone is Peridot.

  5. You choked me up! Tears. "Next year we can surprise mom together."

    I'm so glad you got my prompt, because I love this so hard.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

  6. How ADORABLE!!! Kids...aren't they just the best!? Love it!

  7. That was so beautiful!! What a great story and a wonderful memory! I'm sure she is an awesome big sis!
    The Pursuit of Normal

  8. What a wonderful story. It's great that your little one was so excited to give you a present. And that she wanted to include the twins as well. I really need to look up my daughter's birthstone now, just to see what she is.

  9. Ohh, that last line brought tears to my eyes! What a little sweet pea!


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