Monday, May 27, 2013

In my mind I'm a ninja!

A black SUV was chasing the kids and I in our SUV.  When I tried to turn down a country road with lots of foliage the other SUV used a cell phone connection to turn my engine off.  My car stopped dead, but I had enough momentum left to steer it right next to the trees lining the road. 

“Justice, jump out, take your brother and sister.  You run till you can’t breathe anymore.  Then you run some more.  Find a water source, pond, lake, river, creek… whatever the first is and stop.  Find cover.  I’ll find you.”  I tossed her a half full water bottle and a Swiss Army Knife. 

While speaking I unhooked the twins from their car seats and without hesitation she jumped out the side door and ushered them out.  We flashed each other the I Love You hand sign and they were off.  I checked my H&K to make sure it was ready.  Pushed in the lighter and grabbed my mini Maglite.  Stuffing it in my back pocket I was just about to jump out the passenger side door, near the trees, when the driver side window was busted out.

Looking around I saw men in front and back, I didn't turn towards the trees for fear my kids were in sight still.  And not wanting to draw attention by jumping out on that side I ‘gave up’.  As I scooted back to the drives side I pulled out the red hot lighter.  The man who busted out my window was reaching around to open the door.  I check the ignition one more time to see if the engine was enabled again, but it wasn't. 

I waited till the guy had the door open enough for me to slip out and his arm still wrapped around the window frame.  So that the two other guys couldn't see me I held the guys hand in place while trying to get out of the car.   He thought nothing of it and didn't move it and the other two, though armed with shoulder holstered hadn't drawn their weapons.  

As I was just about to stand up I hear my youngest cry out.  She must have fallen in their run.  The men lifted their heads in that direction.  So at that moment I used the red hot car lighter to burn the man’s hand so his yelling would cover hers…. and then I ran like hell the opposite direction of my kids. 

I ran fast.  I could feel the rush of adrenaline as I ran headlong into dense foliage.  Branches and bushes scratching my arms and face, I didn't care.  I wanted to make so much noise that the guys would have to be deaf and blind not to hear and see where I was going.  When the first bit of lead zipped past my head stuff got real.  Just as I turned to take cover and fire back I heard a strange knocking;

“MOM!  We’re hungry.”

… and this is why I woke up in ninja mode.  

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