Thursday, May 16, 2013

Held To a Higher Standard

Joy Comes in the Morning 

Just when you think you have relationships figured out… you get married. And what once made sense completely changes. No longer are you trying to impress someone, now you’re trying to live with them. And anyone who’s ever lived with anyone knows that ain’t easy. You see, people, they’re weird and each one is wired differently. What you say to one person may bring a smile while those same words might bring a tear to someone else. And unlike the movies, a dressing room montage and a radio over the head won’t change that.
Trust me on this… I’ve tried.
So what can we possible do? How do we avoid the tears, the missteps and the nights on the couch? Well, we don’t. Even if you and your spouse are wired similar one day you’ll slip. You’ll say something that’ll hurt their feelings or maybe even start a fight. If it’s not happened yet, it will. How you handle it though will make all the difference in the world.

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