Monday, May 27, 2013

In my mind I'm a ninja!

A black SUV was chasing the kids and I in our SUV.  When I tried to turn down a country road with lots of foliage the other SUV used a cell phone connection to turn my engine off.  My car stopped dead, but I had enough momentum left to steer it right next to the trees lining the road. 

“Justice, jump out, take your brother and sister.  You run till you can’t breathe anymore.  Then you run some more.  Find a water source, pond, lake, river, creek… whatever the first is and stop.  Find cover.  I’ll find you.”  I tossed her a half full water bottle and a Swiss Army Knife. 

While speaking I unhooked the twins from their car seats and without hesitation she jumped out the side door and ushered them out.  We flashed each other the I Love You hand sign and they were off.  I checked my H&K to make sure it was ready.  Pushed in the lighter and grabbed my mini Maglite.  Stuffing it in my back pocket I was just about to jump out the passenger side door, near the trees, when the driver side window was busted out.

Looking around I saw men in front and back, I didn't turn towards the trees for fear my kids were in sight still.  And not wanting to draw attention by jumping out on that side I ‘gave up’.  As I scooted back to the drives side I pulled out the red hot lighter.  The man who busted out my window was reaching around to open the door.  I check the ignition one more time to see if the engine was enabled again, but it wasn't. 

I waited till the guy had the door open enough for me to slip out and his arm still wrapped around the window frame.  So that the two other guys couldn't see me I held the guys hand in place while trying to get out of the car.   He thought nothing of it and didn't move it and the other two, though armed with shoulder holstered hadn't drawn their weapons.  

As I was just about to stand up I hear my youngest cry out.  She must have fallen in their run.  The men lifted their heads in that direction.  So at that moment I used the red hot car lighter to burn the man’s hand so his yelling would cover hers…. and then I ran like hell the opposite direction of my kids. 

I ran fast.  I could feel the rush of adrenaline as I ran headlong into dense foliage.  Branches and bushes scratching my arms and face, I didn't care.  I wanted to make so much noise that the guys would have to be deaf and blind not to hear and see where I was going.  When the first bit of lead zipped past my head stuff got real.  Just as I turned to take cover and fire back I heard a strange knocking;

“MOM!  We’re hungry.”

… and this is why I woke up in ninja mode.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

May Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

So this week... this week has been a bit dull.  Or exciting if you considering having you gallbladder removed exciting.  I don't by the way.  It's actually very lame.  I mean, of all the organs to have removed, that's like the most uncool.  A kidney or spleen... cool.  A lung... bonus points.  But not me.  Just a ugly green organ that spits out bile.  Seriously... eww!

However with this surgery came a TON of food.  Between my friends and the husband band mates we're set for a month.  Okay a week, but still loads of food.  It's been great.  And the best part... I didn't gain a single pound.  I mean... I didn't lose any either, but sometimes you just have to be happy with maintaining.  ;)

Here are just a few pictures from this month:  
May 4th was free comic book day... we took advantage.  Justice insisted on Star Wars... not free, and then she took it to church the next day along with markers and a drawing bad so she could draw while in church.  I just can't get upset about that.  I just can't.  ;)  
Mom's night out with Tia from Story of a Girl, and Jennifer from It's Not My Workout, It's My Diagnosis and our friend Leila who is right now over in China adopting a little girl.  <3!!!

May 12th... Mother's Day, was also the husband's 40th birthday.  How dare he take my day.  ;)
Justice wanted to make him an apron since he does a lot... most of the cooking these days.
Don't you just love the skull and cross bones with a chiefs hat?  She drew that.  <3!

My Mother's Day gifts, perfume I've been wanting, handmade cards and lots and lots of hugs... cause my kids are cheap.  ;)  

...and then this week I bought a few more Spider-Woman's from the late 70's just cause I can.  ;)

Hope y'all all had a fantastic May!!!  Now go check out these other bloggers who no doubt had a much better month.  ;)  

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Friday, May 17, 2013

May Secret Subject Swap

Your “Secret Subject” is: 
Tell us about your best Mother's Day you've ever had.
It was submitted by:
My best Mother's Day ever was probably the one just before the twins were born.  
Mainly because Justice was old enough to participate.  
That year Tommy made me a Mother's Ring with Justice's birthstone, a blue zircon and the soon to be born twin's birthstones, which were peridots.  The light blue and light green stones look so pretty together and with twins you know you always have two stones to offset the center.  (I couldn't have planned it better.)  ;)  

But the fun part was Justice trying to sneak in the room that morning to give me the present.  I acted like I was still asleep when she crept in the room in her best creepin' position... a half squat half shuffle.  She went to her daddy's side of the bed and made sure it was time.  
(I believe she had come in before dawn the first time and he told her to wait a bit.)  ;)  

When he gave her the okay she crept over to my side of the bed and jumped up in the hopes of surprising me.  She was so excited she couldn't wait for me to open the box.  After much encouragement from her that included tearing at the paper and rushing me, I finally opened the box and put the ring on.  She clapped and bounced on the bed and then rubbed my very large, 6-month-pregnant-with-twins belly and said, 

"Next year we can surprise mom together."  :)  


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Held To a Higher Standard

Joy Comes in the Morning 

Just when you think you have relationships figured out… you get married. And what once made sense completely changes. No longer are you trying to impress someone, now you’re trying to live with them. And anyone who’s ever lived with anyone knows that ain’t easy. You see, people, they’re weird and each one is wired differently. What you say to one person may bring a smile while those same words might bring a tear to someone else. And unlike the movies, a dressing room montage and a radio over the head won’t change that.
Trust me on this… I’ve tried.
So what can we possible do? How do we avoid the tears, the missteps and the nights on the couch? Well, we don’t. Even if you and your spouse are wired similar one day you’ll slip. You’ll say something that’ll hurt their feelings or maybe even start a fight. If it’s not happened yet, it will. How you handle it though will make all the difference in the world.

You can read the rest at Joy Comes in the Morning...  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mingle Blog Hop

MHO Monday Mingle Blog Hop  

This week's Theme: Mother's Day
Show us what "Motherhood" looks like.  
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  

The Good:
Justice made her daddy a "Kiss the Cook" apron for his 40th birthday
and one of her gifts to me for Mother's Day was this beautiful picture.
(She makes me look good.)  ;) 

The Bad:
Last week the twins got in to my polish.  How they did it is a mystery to me because it was so high up and hard to get to.  But they are ninjas.  The dresser has been fixed but I've not touched the carpet.  I need more patience to deal with that... some other day.  ;)

The Ugly:
The twins at it again.  Mercy with the biggest splinter ever even after a hundred "put your shoes on".  I figured after this bad boy she'd never go barefooted.  I was wrong.
An the Red Hot... straight from Marshall's ear.  

This is motherhood, one day they love you, the next day they destroy your things, but everyday they need you.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Story of Joy

Some of y'all know I'm writing for a new web site called 
Angela DeRossett is the creator of the page and a longtime friend, but not your typical friend.  See, we used to ride the school bus and had a few classes together, but we weren't all that close.  However through social media we met up again and started up a friendship online.  That friendship has lasted over a decade now, both of us watching our families grow and learning things about each other that have built a mutual respect and dare I say love?  
As bad as social media can be, sometimes when used right, you bridge the distance and build friendships.  And because I've written for her before when she asked if I'd do it again I was ecstatic.  Of course I will.  I'd love to.  And finally there's some direction to my writing.  Although I still plan on writing whatever comes to mind, now, at least once a month, I can focus on deeper things… my faith.  
And I thank Angela for helping me do that.  

My Story of Joy: originally posted at Joy Comes in the Morning

I grew up in the church. I used to joke with friends that I didn’t find God because He was never lost. I don’t joke so much about that these days. Though God is always there we get lost, often and sometimes thoroughly.
I accepted Jesus in to my life at a very young age, but it was at the age of 14 that the Holy Spirit pulled me out of my pew, walked me down the aisle and in a cascade of tears tell our preacher I wanted to be baptized. That day my life became more focused. I was not just trying to live right for me, but for God. It made life so much easier during the teen years. And when I started up a friendship with Tommy in college we didn’t stop to analyze whether marriage at such a young age was a good idea, we just knew it was. And though it was tough we stepped out in faith knowing that income, education and our vast differences didn’t matter. God could make all things possible.
And He did. We struggled, but we never faltered. Life was pretty easy for us. Never were we rich or successful in the eyes of the world, but we were happy, our bills were paid and within 6-months of marriage we were in the house we’d live in for 10-years. We made a lot of memories in that house, but sadly not a single one involved church. We had the mindset that we didn’t need a church home.
…and then the miscarriage came.
*Continue story here:  Christine's Story of Joy