Friday, April 19, 2013

April Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
This past weekend:  

I’m all kinds of excited!

A friend from my school-bus-riding-days has asked me to write for her new website: Joy Comes in the Morning. This isn't my first time to write for her either. 
Back in the MySpace days, the dark ages of social media, I wrote a few articles for her mom page and have even dusted those same articles off for the local website I worked on here in Abilene.
*So I’m guessing after 7-years it’s time I wrote some new stuff. Dang it. ;)
She’s still building the site but should have it opened later this month. Till then check out her Facebook page Joy Comes in the Morning.

Thanks Angela for asking me to help out. I’m very excited! :)
Monday:  As we drive home from picking up the oldest from school I see Little Man nodding off, "I'm not sleepy mom!"  Mhmmm....

If the Wicked Witch was a boy...  and cute.
I like how the tea set is just teetering on the edge of the night stand.

Tuesday:  As we rush out the door to get Karate Girl to practice I slam right in to the front door.  See, I'm usually fast like a ninja when it comes to unlocking the front door and ushering the kids out towards the car.  But today the key didn't move and I didn't have time to stop my momentum…and neither did the three kids behind me;
"Mom, what's up?"
"The lock is broken.”
I look down to see Little Man smiling and Blondie point to him quickly, “He did it!”
“What did you do?”
He looks down slowly at a green piece of plastic: a Pick-Up-Stick that was now twisted and a small piece broken off.
“Did you do this?”  <angry eyes well in place>
“Um…  <head shaking no, eyes screaming yes>  I sorry?”
<sigh>  “Everybody run to the back door!!!”
We had to jump over the chairs that lined the porch (not where they belong) then we faced the padlock to the side gate and then navigating around the side porch, the new growth on the meanest bush ever and a quick sprint across the front yard… but the twins didn't have shoes on so I had Blondie in one arm and Little Man hanging 1” from the hot concrete.
“Where are y’alls shoes?!  Why do y’all never have shoes on?!!!”
<quick wave to the neighbor, guilty smile for my shoe-less kids and their sad attire and I was backing out the driveway yelling to them; “Stop talking and engage your seat-belts now!”
…and the whole time they’re giggling.  From the front door till we made it to the martial arts center.  <sigh>  Does no one in the house understand that we have things to do?  

I braided carrots JUST so I can take funny
photos and make my own memes.
If that's not lame I don't know what is.  

Is it a leek?  Is it garlic?  It's actually Elephant Garlic... a kind of leek.
But still I have to wait a bit longer to harvest.  (I'm just here to help folks.)  ;)  

Thursday:  In her stack of 90's and 100's was this guy. He had to be signed by me or she wouldn't have recess. She told me it was her fault, that she didn't' understand the purpose but she does now and she's sorry. 

"Kid, you brought home a dozen A's. I'm not upset about one paper. Don't worry about it."

But she did worry and wrote an apology letter to her teacher. I'm not kidding. I didn't say a word to her. No punishment. No 'talk'. Nothing. This was all her doing.

I'm so proud of her but she's been elevated to uber geek now.

*Oh forgot to add. This is her new 'style'. Detailed hair with no face. It's to challenge the viewer to see the person without the face. I'm.not.kidding! Her words people. I'm sending her off to art school where they understand her better. 

Late Thursday Night:
Okay, Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5K done!

While doing it there were a few observations made:

1. Wii makes it fun.
2. Wiimote in the back pocket doesn't register as well as in the hip pocket.
3. Wiimote in back pocket does register walking better. 
4. The husband informed me the reason he likes me to 'slow down' all the time is not that he can't stay up with me, but that my butt moves more when walking apposed to jogging.
5. I will no longer walk slowly anywhere!
6. My husband is a dirty perv.
7. I ♥ my husband.
8. Don't jog, even in the same place, without tennis shoes.
9. Wood floors are notoriously squeaky, especially wherever I'm standing.
10. My husband cheats by shaking the Wiimote or just shaking his hips like an idiot. (Hidden camera one day... it's gonna happen!)

...and this weekend:

Two of my friends are headed to West, Texas with truck loads of supplies to help out the fertilizer plant explosion victims   I'm so proud of them!  
*Tia with Story of a Girl  and Chelsey with Chelsey's Lovely Lockets  thank y'all both for all your efforts.  I <3 U both!!!

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  1. I am SO inspired by your braided carrot. All that funny stuff, and all I can think about is the genius involved in that idea. Of course, it will kind of take away from the surprise factor of pulling up carrots that are in erotic positions, but...great!

  2. You had me at the Wicked Witch pic, that's just too funny. But you are just so busy running after those kids, I'm amazed that you find time to stop and braid the carrots. You DO know the saying is actually "smell the roses" not "braid the carrots", right?
    Your friends are doing a wonderful good deed, as are you for collecting donations. You all show kids the way to make the world a better place, through compassion.

  3. My daughter is always bringing home good grades. She once brought home a C....and was in tears over it. Kids....I

  4. LOVE this!!!
    My 2nd oldest son once made a B on a report card (before we started homeschooling). It nearly did him in.... LOL

  5. The first picture is my favorite part of this! Don't worry though, I love it all. HA HA! Thanks for sharing the laughs!

  6. Your first photo is hilarious. Isn't it funny how when we're little, we don't want to admit to being sleepy? As an adult, I tell everyone I know how tired i am!
    <3 your couch to 5-K list. That's true love, right there!
    Your friends that are helping in West are proof that there is still so much good in the world.

  7. she would fit right in my household! art all day! yes!

  8. Doesn't the anger just melt away when faced with a "I sorry"? I could totally picture you with a 3 year old under each arm, booking it across the yard, too funny! :)


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