Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Shall Overcome!

Many of y'all know I dropped the kids off with my parents yesterday so I could paint the trim on the front of the house and move a few truck loads of mulch without having to worry about them riding their trikes and bikes in the street.
Never mind that I park our trucks in front of the driveway.  I have an active imagination and the paranoia that most parents develop the second they have their first child.

You can see why I worry.  These kids want out.  ;)

Anyway, it rained last night, hail and all.  And now the wood is too wet to paint.  And the ground too soggy for me to back a F250 in the yard loaded with cubic yards of mulch without leaving major ruts.  Factor in the dang prairie dog tunnels and we're still trying to build the yard back up from our last mistake.

So my plans have been foiled.  ARG!  We have friends coming over tonight.  Happy about that.  But wish my yard was up to snuff.  Curse you Mother Nature.  Curse you so bad.  <fist to sky>

*I know y'all stuck in snow are rolling your eyes at me.  I get it.  I mean... I don't.  But I will in summer.  ;)

The damage is bad... real bad.   ;) 

Now I have to toss my list <tear> and make a new one.  First, I shall clean up from the storm.  You know... sweep.  I can't help but think of the picture of the plastic table set with the one chair knocked over and the caption; "We will rebuild!"  I snicker at that.  And keep singing the song, "We will overcome" like it was so dramatic.  Seriously, there's a little drama queen in all of us.

Poor Cy got beat up.
But he's still hangin' and smirkin'. 

The husband, the great guy that he is decided that with allll my spare time I should finish his cabinet for his amp.  Now I've done this before with vinyl and furniture tacks.  But this time he wants to spend a ton of money on real Tolex and hardware.
*I had a funny exchange with the shop this morning.  The tax showed up twice as much as the purchase.  This was my comment:  "I'm looking to buy $28.50 worth of tolex and $6 worth of hardware and the tax shows as $51.85. Please tell me somethings wrong on your site or did some rare animal have to get killed for this stuff? ;) "
He replied minutes later:  "Yeah, forging those corners out of toenail of the elusive albino rhino's is a mutha! Try it now, the taxable amount on the corners lost the decimal point and was charging sales tax on $75."

I might buy from him just for that reply.  *Also, this isn't the grill cloth.  That's the major expense.  And y'all know I'm cheap.  If I can do it I will.  And now the husband likes the idea of black stain and hammered copper edges.  WTHeck... shut yo mouth Christine!!!

So I might be doin' that.  But first I clean.  Then shower.  Then make a How To video like I promised.  And then the hardware store.... maybe Target just for fun.  I don't know.  I'm lost without my list.  I might just walk in circles and scratch my head for awhile.


  1. I'm sorry, kids are gone and chores are canceled due to weather? Why can't I get that lucky? Enjoy your weekend. I'll be trying not to hate you too much. . .

  2. I would definitely be a lifelong customer after that response!


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