Friday, March 8, 2013

Toyin' with The Tiny Tiller

So a few weeks, maybe months now... I've lost count.  The husband tilled a 12' X 24' section of ground for me to garden.  After just a few days we realized the kids found the fresh dirt more fun than all their toys and just let them have fun till they got bored.

But it never happened...

Now spring is around the corner and we couldn't wait much longer to prepare the garden so we fenced the area in and started buying seeds.  But with all the playing and a few hard rain storms (okay just one) ;) we needed to cultivate the dirt again.
So it was either drive 2-hours round trip to borrow my folk's again or find a friend locally.  No one seems to have one but one friend did have an electric cultivator.  This was more my speed.  No crankin' an engine or trying to manhandle a half dozen blades that only wanted to tear me and my toes apart.
So they brought it over last night and early this morning (8:23AM to be exact) the husband started it up.  That sucker is quieter than my Dustbuster.  LOVE!  He did a row in his dress shoes and slacks and gave his approval.  Now mind you he really, really wanted to use the monster again because it's gas powered, loud, dangers and therefor manly.  So I told him I'd do it and not to worry.
*He's got farmer blood in him.  My family is mechanically minded.  He wasn't too trusting of my skills... or lack of.  Matter of fact he watched me do half the garden biting his nails the whole time.  (He doesn't usually bite his was kind of cute really.)
At one point I stopped it and ask about breakfast.  Yep, that's right.  If I'm going to till the dirt I need some breakfast dang it.  And more coffee please.  ;)

When I had just one row left he decided to bring me breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee since a gnat had taken a swim in mine.

He had already eaten his... so why wait till then?

He was totally messin' with my mind.
Food VS Till.One.More.Row

Food always wins... plus their was bacon involved.

This is also when the husband looked down at my flip flops and inquired about my choice of foot attire and my need for a pedi.

Well you see I hadn't planned on tilling the garden this morning.  If I had I would have put on my super cute pink rubber boots.  But NOOOOoooooo, you decided to set it up before breakfast and then tempt me with power tools.

Tiny or not, it gets the job done fast.  I like!  :)

*But seriously... nasty feet.  <shiver>

So after a few more minutes I was done.  It doesn't look like much but it's a good ankle deep and with dry west Texas dirty this ain't bad.  Plus the husband had already gone down pretty deep with the big daddy a few months back so the soil is soft.  I was really just getting it ready for some fresh soil, seeds and water.

He's adding an irrigation system this weekend to tie in to our current one that goes around the perimeter of the yard.  And I'm getting the tomato cages today and just cleaned up the pecan tree we plan to let the beans grow in.  (Noninvasive and I think beans in a tree would be a great space saver and use of the limited space we have.)

And as I was putting things away we decided to measure the side porch and start making plans for a privacy fence over there.  While walking it off I pointed out a lizard to Blondie.  She insisted that I catch it and give it to her.
I obliged even though I'd rather not mess with anything that moves faster than me, but you can't show the kids fear or they'll use it against you.

This mama ain't dumb.  ;)

So that was this mornings chore.  I was siting down to put my face on at 10:30 with the last cup of coffee and getting ready to head to the home improvement store.  My second home during the spring and summer months.  Power tools, plants and men ready to help you... ladies... it's a little bit of heaven.  ;)

Have a great weekend y'all!

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