Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tommy Da Jewla

The husband, aka Tommy has always been a pretty humble guy.  Never one to brag or show off.  He usually stays in the back quietly picking away at his guitar and without trying someone always notices.  He's good.  He's very good.

As a jeweler he trained under one of the bests so he compares himself to his mentor and feels like he falls short.  But he's an excellent jeweler and excels at what he does.

For him someone noticing what he does is surprising.  (20+ years of me noticing... just not the same.)  ;)

But you know you are loved when your band mates have a t-shirt made with your face on it.  And not just any picture.  But your high school graduation picture.

The story goes that I posted a photo of Tommy on my Facebook page a few years ago and some of his band mates, who didn't know him as a rebellious teen, thought it was hilarious.  (Okay he wasn't really that rebellious  but it sounds better.)  ;)

They know Tommy as the clean cut guy who plays Contemporary Christian music at church, not a 'thug' with a mullet who played in a heavy metal band.

One of the guys suggested a t-shirt be made for the whole band.  The idea got more laughs and someone said the picture reminded them of the "Jesus is My Homeboy" shirt and that's how they should make it.  But with "Tommy Da Jewla" because, well... he's a jeweler.  ;)

The subject was dropped again.  No word for ages.  Then one day I get an email asking for a copy of the picture so they can finally get it done.  So being the good wife that I am I sent it and never said a word to the husband.

In August of 2011 the band had a barbecue so we could say our good byes to one of the members who was about to start a new job in a new city.  Tommy thought it was just about that.  And then they handed out the t-shirts.  The look on Tommy's face was great.  He loved and hated it.

"There's just something weird about
having your face on someone's t-shirt."

I love that 20+ years later he still smirks.  No smile... just a smirk.  ;)

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