Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Stinks of Payback

I know not to trust the silence.  Quiet kids mean something bad is secretly being plotted or executed.

So when I heard Blondie making a ruckus outside I didn't worry. 

But when I didn't hear Little Man after a while, I did.

I tried not to draw attention to myself as it's near lunch time and I didn't want the; "I'm hungry" chorus to start, so I just peeked outside.

Neither one could be seen.

I walked towards the playhouse and still didn't see them.  But I did notice all the toys that are normally kept in an oversized Rubbermaid were thrown all over the yard. 

As I neared the side of playhouse I heard Blondie jumping up and down on the lid of the oversized plastic toy box and dread washed over me.

“Payback… this stinks of payback.”

And there she was; our petite little blue eyed angel jumping up and down on the lid with her eyes closed laughing hysterically.  I don’t see or hear him, but I know Little Man is inside. 

When she sees me she stops in midair, but gravity intervened and she slowly landed back on the lid.  She did the, 'I’m precious' head tilt and grin… hands clasped in front of her to complete the look.

“Go inside.  Sit in time out.  We’ll talk in a minute.”

She walks off pouting and skirts past me covering her butt.  I rescue Little Man whose face is covered in dirt with dried tears.  

I’ve no idea how long he’s been in there.  I brush him off, lift him up and he clings to me all the way inside and as I sit down.

“You okay?”

“Mmokay” <sniff>

“Were you in there for very long?”

“Mmokay” <sniff>

At this point I call Blondie in the room.  I don’t ask her why she did it.  Just a few months back Little Man had emptied a Rubbermaid under the bed with their summer clothes and stuffed her inside…then rolled her back under the bed.  
It was funny I’ll admit it.  There was no chance she’d suffocate, just like today's incident, but it had to be scary. 

“That was very mean.  You scared him.  You need to apologize.”

She hugged his neck, said she was sorry and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He accepted her apology and hugged her back.  It was a really sweet moment, one I see often between these two, but usually after a big fight. 

It sticks for a few hours.  They are the best of friends helping each other and playing together well.  But then a favorite toy is touched or moved or looked at sideways by the other and the fight starts again. 

My BFF took this photo.  Love!  :)

"Twins are built in playmates."  I've heard that a lot.
Nobody told me they were also mortal enemies.  


  1. i love this! i have 9 month old twins, boy and girl also. and i just cant wait for them to get a little bigger. yeah, yeah i know i hear it's more difficult but i've got a 3 year old now and she's ready for some at home buddies!

  2. Ha ha ha, I never used to know from one minute to the next whether my kids would be best friends or enemies. And it always changed, one minute to the next.

    I just adore that picture your friend took.

  3. Oh gosh!! My girls aren't twins but very close in age-I know exactly how you feel with them being enemies as well:)

  4. You make me both look forward to and dread the days when LJ is old enough to play with Lil Mister ;-) hehe


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