Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Tree Huggin' Little Man

Day 1 of Tree Trimming

The husband needed to trim a few limbs that were either broken or dead.  He started the process while the kids and I were in the front yard.  By the time I moved their bikes to the back he'd already cut down most of a dead tree we were concerned would fall during the next big wind storm.  

At first Little Man didn't seem to notice much.  But then he actually saw the limbs falling to the ground and he looked shocked.  We've used clippers before... lots of times actually, with no problems.  He's even helped me move the tree limbs to the back of the truck.  But this time he was beside himself.  First he ran to a big limb and held it and started to cry.  Then he looked at us and said, "Daddy broke the tree!"  And the crying turned to sobs.

I thought maybe the reciprocating saw was just too loud for him so I asked the husband to turn it off for a minute while I tried to calm him down.  As soon as I called him over to me he walked away.  When I tried to tell him everything was okay he just lowed his head, shuffled off and cried louder.  He wouldn't look us in the eyes.

"Baby it's okay.  Come here."

More sobbing, looked over his shoulder but still no eye contact.  I finally walked to him, carried him back and asked what the matter was.  This was his reply:

"Daddy broke the tree!"

Day 2 of Tree Trimming

We still had to cut down a big limb that broke during the winter on our lone tree out front.  Because I needed to help, the kids were out front with us.  I had to keep them away while he was 12' up with a saw on a ladder that was leaning up against not so sturdy branches.  My eyes were everywhere at once trying to keep the kids and the husband safe.  

Little Man was so excited about the ladder that he kept trying to climb up it.  Then he heard the saw, saw me holding the limb to pull it away so as not to knock the husband off the ladder when it fell.  That's when he realized what we were about to do.  He ran off towards the road, just stopping shy of the curb.  My heart was racing but he does mind so a quick, "Stay away from the street!" had him moving closer towards the house, but far away from us.

"No Daddy no!!!  Don't break the tree!!!"  The sobbing started all over.  But we couldn't stop and the limb was a hazard.  When it came down we quickly started consoling him... again.  "It'll make the tree better.  It's okay.  It was already broken we fixed it."  Nothing worked.. BUT this time he allowed the husband to hug him and I he helped drag it to the truck.  He wasn't happy, but he was better.

                           My Tree Huggin' Little Man

Remind you of a book?  ;)

"Son, I love trees.  I plant them, I care for them, I trim them when needed.  I even named my company after a tree.  I would never harm one on purpose.  It just had to be done."
I think the husband was just as upset.  Not at having trimmed the tree.  But that his son was so upset over it.  We still have limbs that need trimming in the back, but we've decided to wait till he's away at my parent's place.  

...and we might be rethinking all this tree talkin' movies.  Dang it!  ;)  

This happens to be the husband's
favorite childhood book.  


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  2. So tough being two! Still cute, though :)

  3. Ohhhh man that is gonna be such a great memory when you retell it in 20 years! love it, silly M!


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