Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle Blog Hop

... a day behind.  But I have a good excuse.  ;)

This weeks theme is: High School
This weeks questions...

1. What was your favorite memory from high school?

Getting my first detention, junior year for saying; "Smart-ass" in psychology class.  When the teacher asked, "What one word do you think your parents would use to describe you?"  I answered truthfully but she took issue.  I thought she was joking so I left when the bell rang.  She had my ex-boyfriend hand deliver it to me in my next class.  (This tells you the kind of chick she was.)  <eye roll>

Anyway, knowing my dad was strict she had me read his reply in front of the classroom.   I was surprised by what he wrote.  I mean, I knew he wouldn't be upset with me, but I didn't expect him to reply with; "You obviously have yet to master the English language.  If you had you would know that a smart-ass is an oxymoron and not a cuss word..."  She stopped me around that part.

Ah yes... good times.  ;)

I never use chemistry, but I've used my 
shoulders and hips to block the kids and 
keep them in line... a lot!  :O

2. If you could do one thing over in high school what would it be? 

I would have skipped Chemistry and stuck with Physical Science.  Ours was the first class and only, to skip Algebra 2 and start a higher science. Without Algebra 2 many dropped out.  I tried to stick it out and had to miss a six-week of extracurricular activities for a hard earned 65.  :(  

At the semester I changed to PS and made straight As.  <sigh>

Greg and I at my senior prom 1991.

3. Did you have a high school sweetheart?  
And do you still keep in contact with them?

Yes and sorta.  :)

I dated Greg for 2 1/2 years.  A year and half in high school and one year in college.  

I have him on Facebook but besides the yearly happy birthday and a picture I might come across and post on there... we don't talk.

4. Have you attended a high school reunion yet?  If so how was it?

Yes I went to our 10th.  And that was after a LOT of preparation   A friend contacted me asking if we were having one.  Neither of us where in the council but no one was doing anything so we sorta took over.  I booked the place, the bartender, the margarita machine, the police, the dance floor and DJ.  The husband (who graduated with me, but we didn't date till our sophomore year of college) got the booze ;)... and tons of other folks helped us pull off a great reunion.  

We didn't go to our 20th.  With FB it saves us from the expensive of travel and tickets.  ;)  

Choir trip to San Antonio, Texas.
We always had so much fun.  :)
5. Do you think you were popular in high school?  If you went back do you think it would be the same or different?  

I was right in the middle.  I played basketball and ran track so I hung out with some popular kids.  I also sang in choir.  In our school choir was were all the athletes went (especially the guys) to get an easy credit... so by default it was almost cool.  ;)  

But my range of friends spanned a large group from ultra nerds, a few geeks, a smattering of thugs and ropers (not sure those terms are still used)  ;)  and of course athletes.  I was well rounded.  :)

As far as going back... No Frakin' Way!  Even though I really enjoyed school I wouldn't want to do it over.  No thanks.  ;) 

I was #32.  I played post.  My job was to rebound,
pass and defend.  I only fouled out a few times...  ;)

I'm the first on the left.  Singing alto... something my
choir teacher only discovered after 5 1/2 years with her.
I told her I was struggling to hit those high notes.  ;)  

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