Monday, March 4, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle Blog Hop

MHO Monday Mingle 

This week's theme: Drama

1. What does the word drama mean to you?
Unnecessary stress.

2. Do you like drama in your life?
No, never.

3.  What's the biggest drama ordeal you've been in?
Easy, first and last time... junior high some girls decided to pull me out of the crowd and start rumors and the all so familiar "butt kicking" if I didn't confess to something I hadn't done.  When the day arrived where the gang of girls were going to force me to admit or fight I causally (though I wasn't feeling it at the time) mentioned that the girl passing along the information knew things no one else could possibly know unless they were the one doing it.  
The girls turned on each other so fast that I was able to get to class unharmed or confessing something I had not done.  Most of the girls dropped out before high school those that stuck around were always nice to me... but I kept my guard up.

4. Do you know someone who loves drama?  Who is it?
Everyone knows someone but to say a name would only insight drama.  As stated in question #2 I don't like drama.  ;)

5. How do you avoid drama in your life?
It's pretty easy actually.  You avoid those who thrive on it.  You only speak kindly of others.  And when you feel a situation escalate and kind words don't calm those around you down... you leave. 
I'll let the piranha eat the piranha and stay clear of their swimming hole. 


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Next week's theme: HIGHSCHOOL


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