Friday, March 22, 2013

March Fly on the Wall

Spring was in the air weeks before the official date.  
Because of that I just HAD to get some work around the house done.  And I'm so glad I did.  We've already had a 90 and several 80 degree days.  It will be a very, very hot summer.  So here's a quick picture tour of this month around the house... in no particular order:

The garage is the husband's domain, but I'd had enough.
I still have work to do, but we can walk around in there again.  :)

Our radishes are already growing.  <squee!>

The kids were not too happy when we fenced the garden.
Poor things missed their dirt pile... so I made them one of their own.  ;) 

I refurbished the patio furniture.  We priced new sets... $50 worth of paint was worth it. ;) 

My compost bin is a year old.  I'm makin' dirt now.  :)

We all looked a bit rough this past month.

Still more work to be done.  
But spring didn't beat me this year.  
I win!  ;)

I entered a photo contest with Mommy Needs a Break.
Check it out... and vote please.  ;)  

Also this week, I won a giveaway with Origami Owl.  I know... Saweet!!!
My friend is selling it and I was one of the first 100 to like her page.
So cool!!!  Here's her page:  Chelsey's Lovely Lockets
And finally the butterflies from our Girl Scout troop have been released into the wild.
Okay our backyard, but close enough.  It was a month long process but the girls earned their bug badge and learned a lot about the life cycle of a butterfly as well as ladybugs and now... <shiver> we're hatching praying mantis.  ;)

It's been a busy month and we're still not done.  This weekend the kids head off to grandma and grandpa's so I'll have a chance to paint the trim in the front of the house as well as make a path and perhaps move more mulch.  Still have to get the yard just right before the heat hits.  And it will... soon.  

Thanks for looking around and don't forget to buzz on over to these other homes and enjoy a peek inside.  :)                                                                                                                                                   


  1. Fun! I should do the butterflies for the boys.

  2. I'm sitting here in 30 degree weather with the possibility of snow over the next 5 days and I can't decide if I'm more jealous of your weather, or all that you accomplish around the house. WOW.

  3. Will you come do my house??? PLEASE??? LOL
    My kids loved doing butterflies! So much fun!! And my youngest daughter has a thing for praying mantises, and not only because they freak out her older sister .... LOL

  4. So jealous. 17 degrees here this morning. I'd do anything to be digging around in the dirt! Feels good, huh?

  5. It was 18 here this morning and I'm SOOO over this! I have a few projects I want to do myself and it's been too cold. And could you just come to my house and bestow upon me your wisdom?

  6. It's snowing again here (Utah) today! I hope we have a Spring before jumping right into summer.
    You have been so busy! When the hottest weather does show up, you'll be able to sit back on that cute furniture and look at all of your hard work!

  7. Oh you made me sooooo want warm weather here in the armpit of the Midwest. We have more snow coming our way. WAAAAAH! It's Spring. I had to explain to my class of 3 and 4 year olds why it was still cold and there was snow on the ground on the first day of Spring. Apparently, it's all my fault-I control the weather!

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your home where there actually IS warmer weather! So jealous!

  8. Where do you get the energy!? I might have to unfollow you in case my husband ever looks at my blog roll and sees your page. All joking aside, what awesome and engaging projects! What is it with kids and dirt piles :)


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